Testing A TYPICAL Installation Of Windows Web Server 2019 R2

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What exactly is Cyberspace and Cybersecurity? The aim of this exercise was to use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) to identify improper configurations and lacking security updates that may lead to vulnerabilities. The server is utilized to host small company websites, from freelance web development work. Until recently a shared enviroment plan was used at a ongoing company called Wiredtree, however the need for more server resources designed it was time to move to a dedicated server.

The server itself is unmanaged, and therefore Core Networks provide only the hardware rent and therefore the responsibility of setting up and preserving the operating software and web hosting system (Internet Information Services) is my own. The server was recently installed with the net edition of Windows 2008 R2 and currently operates IIS 7, Websitepanel (formerly DotNetPanel), MySQL, PHP, ColdFusion and several other web hosting server platforms and dialects. 1. Review of the overall “security evaluation” risk ranking from the report generated by MBSA and thought of the results. 2. Summary of weak and strong passwords and exactly how MBSA operates such checks as well as an explanation as to the reasons it’s important to truly have a password expiration policy set.

3. Overview of Malware and how it can disrupt Windows platforms along with the various types that can be used. 4. Explanation of the need for patches using the Conficker case for example of exploited system vulnerability as well as looking at how corporations can use MBSA to detect missing patches. 5. Suggestion for an additional feature that might be potentially put into another version of MBSA.

MBSA was run on Windows Web Server 2008 R2. The server had been updated using Windows Automated updates and the assumption was that MBSA would not find anything unusual. The initial scan uncovered that several critical issues existed which were overlooked previously. The overall security evaluation risk was presented with as “Severe Risk (A number of critical inspections failed.).” Upon further analysis of the survey it was found out that two critical issues and several other warnings were present. The first critical risk included an upgrade patch shown in the screenshot below, which got never been put on the server.

In order to fix this issue MBSA provided a web link to download the patch in question, which was then installed on the server. The next critical issue involved a security setting in WEB BROWSER where it was revealed that WEB BROWSER zones don’t have secure settings for everyone users. This involved a few security setting changes in Internet Explorer 8 on the different areas. The users involved are users generated by an application called Websitepanel, which is a web hosting toolset that manages multiple websites and domains accounts. These users typically only have access to the web site space that they are assigned to and have no further usage of other system resources.

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MBSA investigations for fragile passwords during its security scan of the machine it has operate on. Weak passwords can often lead to vulnerabilities through simple them being damaged by common techniques such as brute power or dictionary attacks. Yan (Yan, J, Blackwell, A., Anderson r. Dictionary episodes on the other hands focus on a list of most likely used words. The MBSA review of the Windows 2008 server uncovered that neither login success nor login failure auditing was enabled.

If a brute-force or dictionary assault had occurred, there would be no evidence to support this because no logs would have been generated. While this is an informational bullet in the survey, it is an important piece of information that reminds us that we should be vigilant regarding the traffic coming into our servers.