Success Seen In No-Surgery Weight-Loss Procedure

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THURSDAY, May 9, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Could people struggling with weight problems make headway in their initiatives to reduce weight without having to go under the blade? New preliminary research suggests it’s possible: A non-surgical treatment may help moderately obese people lose weight — and keep it off. Unlike standard weight-loss surgery, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) requires no incision and no hospital stay.

Instead, doctors thread a scope down the neck and in to the belly, then use a suturing device attached to the scope to cinch the stomach in — eventually shrinking it to a banana-sized pouch. The result is, “you eat less, you feel full and you lose weight,” said study writer Dr. Reem Sharaiha. Studies show that, for a while, ESG can spur a reasonably big weight reduction: On the one-year tag, patients have typically shed about 15% of their starting weight.

But very little is known about patients’ longer-term outlook. The new study is the first ever to record five-year results, Sharaiha said. It found that at that true point, patients were still transporting 15% fewer pounds, normally. That’s not as good as the results seen with traditional surgery, Sharaiha said. Alternatively, she pointed to the benefits of ESG: “It’s a simple, one-day outpatient process,” she said. The complication rates are also lower compared with surgery, relating to Sharaiha. In an earlier research, her team discovered that only 1% of ESG patients experienced a complication, like a perforation or “leak” in the belly.

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If your weight remains constant, you are most likely consuming the same amount of calorie consumption you burn off each day. If you’re slowly gaining weight over time, it is likely that your calorie consumption is higher than the number of calories you burn through your daily activities. The number of calories we burn off each day is dependent upon our basal metabolic process (BMR), the number of calories we burn per hour by just being alive and maintaining body functions and our degree of physical activity. Our weight also plays a role in determining just how many calories we burn off at rest — more calories from fat are required to maintain your body in its present state, the greater your body weight.

Someone whose job entails heavy physical labor will naturally burn more calorie consumption per day than someone who sits at a table most of the day (a sedentary job). For people who don’t have jobs that want intense physical exercise, exercise or increased physical activity can raise the number of calories burned.