My Rose Among Thorns

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It’s my first post of the new yr! And I’m only a few days late, holla! I am hoping that is clearly a indication of what’s to come in the new season! I needed to get this to post about my expectations because of this yr, for myself personally, and because of this blog of mine. Obviously, we all know that the first lesson in goal setting techniques is to plan.

What better of a way to plan out my oh-so-will-be-fabulous 12 months than with my new Simplified Planner. I think I’ve acquired this thing sitting down in a package since, probably September. I waited until it was actually necessary to open the box and I can’t wait to begin writing in it!

This planner is currently sold out, but there are still some available in another adorable design. I’ve been through a couple planners, and I can say that while I loved developing a personalized Erin Condren planner, there just wasn’t enough daily writing space. Funny enough, what I composed about the Simplified Planner in 2012 back, today still holds true! Next year I’ll be in a position to update on my experience, but also for now, I’m just enjoying her beauty. It’s now, that I should just admit that for awhile last year I ended up utilizing a Target planner, which worked out great! I will probably quit these expensive planners, but I’m not there yet.

The truth is I’ve been obsessed with organizing. WHILE I was more youthful I went to a carnival and I used my winnings to buy a profile like calendar-I is at elementary school. Therefore, it’s been concluded, that I actually need the best planner. As I was perusing this website for resolution posts, I realized I’ve only done it once. Humph, what a let down.

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BUT, that onetime it-I wrote was done by me down two very important goals that I could say, this season have been completed, hey, late than never better, who cares it’s only 3 years late! I wrote about a parenting class I purchased. I can gladly say that I take this course with a detailed friend once a week.

I spoke about it very quickly here, and it’s been a blessing in almost all certain specific areas of parenting. Maybe I’ll share more about any of it in future blog posts. I am also very proud to state that my husband has gotten back into running. He had some down time in his plan back April, and since that time noticed the need for exercise. And this year, this year’s goals are about this are attainable, realistic, helpful.

I could put a variety of lofty goals-but that wouldn’t be attainable, realistic, helpful OR fair to my family. I’m already spread so thin. 1. Eat even more fruit and veggies. Mama always thought to eat more fruit and vegetables! Year My exercise and nutrition has reached a fresh high point earlier this, and I could’t become more proud.

But, I have to easily fit into those important nutrients before installing in the candy! This year I hope to blog a lot more about my fitness journey. 2. Create a cleaning timetable. This seems so simple. But, to be honest, I really have a problem with deep cleaning. Day to day tidying is a no brainer because I hate waking up to a mess and a sink filled with dishes, but cleaning floors and moving my appliances for the kitchen, not really much.

I want to create a cleaning schedule that’s practical for me-not what another person has created. Obviously, I’ll share that here! I’m a creature of habit and can eat a similar thing for breakfast lunch and dinner day in and day out. And with my husband so often away for dinner time, we’ve gotten into the habit of eating the normal rotation around here: cereal, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets.