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Steve Bannon accuses China of unfair trading practices, but Western companies have been dumbing themselves down for many years. Doubly many private collateral companies go bankrupt in comparison to share shown companies. In the U.K Sainsburys possessed almost all their own property, and an equity group starting buying up lots of their shared, but they couldn’t get enough to influence the Sainsburys board’s decisions.

The equity group attempted to impact the other shareholders to go along with their plan, however the Sainsburys board off were able to battle them, though it cost them a great deal. In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how private equity – a ‘pirate equity’ – has hollowed out the retail sector. Despite their assertions to the in contrast, Wall Street companies have ruined eight times as much retail jobs as they have created before 10 years. And Elizabeth Warren has a plan. They also discuss central banking institutions buying up stocks and shares.

It could your fear of taking chances. Or worries of rejection. Or worries of failing. It doesn’t matter what fear it is. What matters is that you realize these doubts are keeping you back from your dreams! A word of caution: Being wealthy will not necessarily solve the problem of fear.

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Sometimes, it aggravates the problem even! Because this time, it is fear of losing the money that bothers you. Which means you must learn to deal with and control fear. All truly wealthy individuals have no fear of dropping their money whatsoever because they know they can generate the same or more wealth back again if they should ever lose all the money they have right now.

Or how Steve Jobs founded Apple and then got fired by his own company and then came back and continued to lead Apple into its most successful era so far? The thing is, money is a concept. Money is a state of mind. Wealth is always created in your brain first before it can express into the reality. And that’s why the rich are rich! Not because of the prosperity they have, but because of the millionaire state of mind they have.

How Fear COULD BE Good For You! Fear also offers its good side. Fear prevents us from getting hurt and emotionally physically. It prevents us from being too aggressive. It makes us think before we act. EASILY may use a lousy analogy, fear is comparable to fats in our body. Too much fat in our body is not good for our health but a little fat keeps us warm in winter.

So how can we use dread to make us wealthy? How do we keep fear within manageable and functional levels, so we’ve control over it instead of the other way around? Its simple. Like the fat in our body, a little fear is wonderful for us! This is one way fear regulates a person and pushes him to make sure his family is looked after. But this same fear is why most people stay in the “rat race” also.

So the thing is fear can motivate you. You should use fear to drive you to heights that you’ll normally never level. Did Adam say ‘Be Greedy? Well, why don’t we explore greed further. Firstly, I believe you will concur that a high degree of greed can lead into trouble. An excessive amount of greed clouds our thoughts but a little greed can do us good. You see a little greed can inspire you to aim higher and achieve more. Without that little greed, our desire to have something better and to improve our lives financially could be beyond reached. Progress will barely be gained.

So the truth is like fear, greed can serve you as well. The only difference is whether you mindful decision to control your fear and greed and utilize it in your favor, or you permit them to control you instead and lead you further from financial independence. Why Most People Are Just One Paycheck FROM Disaster! Ok, some quick definitions.

There are two types of income in this world: Active income and Passive income. Active income is income that you have to be there to earn bodily. Like your job, or doing freelance work. You have to BE positively carrying out work to receives a commission there. In essence, this is trading your time for the money fundamentally. Passive income is income you earn without you needing to be physically there to earn it.