How To Sell And Market Your Ebook In 10 Easy Steps

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Electronic books, or ebooks, are one of the quickest ways to make your self an infopreneur, or someone who makes money by selling information. The most effective way to advertise your ebook is with a one-page website. When you have a website already, I would recommend that you create a separate stand-alone page for this ebook.

Most site registrars will enable you to forward and mask your product site to an interior page of your present website. Unless you have a niche site, you can create a one-page site with its own hosting. 1. An identifiable marketplace. Ebooks are something for an extremely specific market best, as an ebook about how to teach your pet tricks, how to meditate to relieve stress effectively, or where to find a green profession. 2. A domain name.

  • Launch SHAREit on your PCs
  • Make sure people have an enjoyable experience with you:-
  • Set Your Goals
  • Effort/Sweat equity
  • List of sellers
  • Buying a fresh home
  • Identifying a main aim,

The website name for your ebook site should mirror or closely resemble your product name or a prominent feature of your product. Try and get the .com version of your website name when possible, but in the event that’s not available, seek out the hyphenated version of the .com website name. 3. A give-away. You have two goals for your ebook site: get the contact info from these potential customers and convert them into paying customers.

Because not everyone will buy your main product (thus offering you their contact information), you will need another strategy to gather your prospect’s information. 4. A merchant account. To be able to collect payments, you should be in a position to take credit credit card payments and provide digital product delivery online. Your merchant account company must provide a “virtual terminal”, which enables you to enter and process transactions online and interfaces with your shopping cart program.

If you do not want to purchase a merchant account, you can begin by using third-party processors like ClickBank or PayPal, but they offer less flexibility than a full vendor service. 6. Shopping cart software. Ultimately, your shopping cart software is a workhorse for you and allow one to automate many functions of your website.

7. Sales letter page. This is actually the primary sales page of your ebook website, filled with an extended sales notice with benefits of your product and recommendations of others who’ve used the merchandise. In lots of ways, this has now end up being the electronic version of the 6-10 web page direct sales letters which used to be sent to us regularly via snail email. 8. Follow-up auto responders. It certainly is simpler to sell to someone who has already purchased from you than to convert a fresh prospect to a person. Therefore, the capability to continue to touch base and “touch” your visitors is type in developing a relationship with them so that they continue to buy.