Hospitals Use Business Intelligence TO IMPROVE Patient Throughput

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The ramifications of the economic downturn are driving C-level hospital professionals to show to process improvement initiatives. While only large clinics are able the expensive and long execution of lean methodology, small to mid-size clinics have found business intelligence solutions are a far more cost-effective alternate. Business intelligence provides benefits in many areas, and it creates a significant effect on patient throughput. Clinics must deal with doctor and nurse personnel shortages and the rise of uninsured patients in their emergency departments, said Rajat Sharma, CEO of Onward Systems, a data warehouse and business intelligence talking to company. “There is not enough capacity for hospitals to efficiently handle the bottlenecks in patient throughput,” he said.

Ideally, if beds are effectively used, the demand can be met with a medical center, he said. When top discharge doesn’t align with peak bed demand, however, private hospitals expand capacity by adding beds often. 34 million in capital investment – something many hospitals don’t have in this environment, Sharma described. Adding 30 beds translates into an additional 1 generally, 750 admissions per year, he said. per year 14 million.

By applying business intelligence, however, hospitals can bypass the substantial upfront capital expenditure and see ROI much faster, he said. Patient throughput is a business and process problem that impacts every department, Sharma said. IT and business intelligence improves underneath line. A couple of other benefits, Sharma said. With reimbursement rates set, longer, extended amount of stay means hospitals incur greater expenditures. A more efficient process results in a lowered length of stay.

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It also results in higher satisfaction among clinicians and patients. A far more predictable workflow means nurses and other hospital staff can be planned properly. Physician satisfaction increases with a more efficient patient throughput. Beyond enabling efficient patient throughput, business intelligence can deliver value by pulling data and bringing it into a common repository, enabling analyses when a patient is admitted in to the ED. It also allows clinicians to have higher presence and a unified view of patients from entrance to release.

Hospitals should look for business cleverness solutions that are scalable to be able to address other issues such as patient safety, Sharma said. There are always a complete great deal of vendors out there, but in this economic environment private hospitals need to eschew point solutions and choose solutions offering value beyond any particular problem, he said. The bottom line is that “business intelligence is a great way to get value for your money with a comparatively moderate investment,” he said.

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