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Welcome gentlemen. It was announced yesterday that Silverstone has a fresh long-term deal to stay on the Formula 1 calendar. I’d like to get each of your ideas on that, you start with Lewis please? Lewis HAMILTON: Well, good afternoon everyone. It was a good surprise to listen to that they had re-signed.

It wasn’t necessarily a surprise. As I spoke to you men before I understood that it was going to happen. It’s clear the Formula 1 can’t can be found without the home of motorsport, which is the British Grand Prix. Yeah, really, happy really. It’s great for the fan base and for that to constantly grow over the next years to come. Q: Many thanks Lewis.

Lando NORRIS: It’s heading to be my first competition this weekend. I’ve race before here. I really like driving Silverstone. It could have been a pity to view it go ever, particularly if I only could have done this race, this yr rather than done it again. Glad to see it still here and I look forward to coming back every year.

George RUSSELL: Yeah, happy for it to be on the calendar again obviously. I believe F1 couldn’t live without Silverstone. It’s the home of the British Grand Prix. Formula 1 is a very British sport and overall it’s just an incredible circuit to drive and there’s something special about Silverstone when you come here.

Like you said, I’m not amazed it’s continuing. Daniel RICCIARDO: Happy. It’s a cool monitor, cool atmosphere. Ago this weekend It had been eight years, it here was my F1 debut, so it’s always been pretty personal to me. But I’ve appreciated it. I don’t know how it would feel being else somewhere. It seems right and normal it own it here.

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It feels as though the house of British motorsport. I like that. There’s that real camping atmosphere, that event vibe. Yeah, the Brits love and we do too. Antonio GIOVINAZZI: Yes, it’s a track with a lot of history, so that it was really nice to see that circuit will be here for another five years.

With an F1 car I believe it’s amazing to operate a vehicle here, so I can’t wait to begin tomorrow and do my first grand prix at Silverstone. Q: Antonio, if we can stay with you, you got your first world championship point in Austria a couple of weeks ago. How did that feel and how confident are you of keeping that run of form here?

AG: Yeah, cost me a little bit of my hair! It was for a good reason I’d say. It was actually a different wager with Fred, because it all began at Paul Ricard and he said: ‘if you rating your first point I will cut your hair’. And it didn’t happen and then in Austria we said ‘so, easily don’t score points you will my hair’, but I scored points, so it’s a bit of chaos.