Dividend Income Stocks

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I wish to wish everybody all the best in the New Year! May you all be healthy, surrounded and happy by the loved ones. May 2018 bring us new investment opportunities. 1,977.55 from last month. 201.06 for the same period a yr back. 147.13 or 73% on year-over-year basis.

It wouldn’t be reasonable to compare my dividends to earlier year because this past year I did so not get any special dividends in December. 241.94 which represents a 20% increase in dividend income compared to this past year. 800 of fresh capital to my TFSA accounts. monthly into my TFSA account 700. By Dec of next year This way I am going to max it out.

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  • We sat under the sun in Vondelpark and quoted the late great Bill Hicks

My portfolio contains 30 Canadian dividend paying stocks. The majority of my shares pay dividends on regular monthly basis. This enables me to collect dividends and reinvest them into dividend paying shares more rapidly. My recent and the last purchase of the year is RioCan. I made a decision to double my position in RioCan by purchasing another block of 45 shares.

5.29 to my monthly dividend income. Additional information about this purchase in my previous post. December’s online income from aspect hustles. 45.67. The largest upsurge in online income came from NeoBux. I have about 150 referrals in my downline and I earn a little fee from what they earn. A day automatically So Neobux is making me a buck. By the real way, I created a separate page to track my online income.

The financing of the Muskrat Falls task will be no different. To be clear, I’ve requested Nalcor supply me with the suggested financing technique for the project. They have refused. I requested the same information from Minister of Natural Resources Jerome Kennedy, and also have been refused. Just what exactly I’m about to put together here’s from the information known, the business enterprise procedures of those involved, and the project itself.

In 2005, at the demand of Top Danny Williams then, and announced by his chosen Chair of Nalcor Dean MacDonald, the province requested Expressions of Interest (EOI) for development of the Lower Churchill. It accepted separate proposals for real structure and financing of the task. Three proposals for financing were accepted for even more scrutiny. Two were international centered and one was Newfoundland centered. That was the last we heard about it.