DEVELOP A Joomla Hidden Page

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There are multiple reasons why you’ll want to create a hidden web page in Joomla but unfortunately within the Joomla administration there are no simple means of figuring it out. Learn why you may want to create a hidden web page in Joomla and how to easily create links to people pages.

The major reason you may desire to create a hidden page in Joomla is perfect for subscriber thank you webpages that work alongside your mailing list supplier software. Another reason may be that you will be holding a special event just for your subscribers or are offering extra discount rates for your jv partners and want to create a hidden page that your normal guests cannot find. Having a concealed page, if you don’t link to it from every other source aside from within an email, will mean that the search engines won’t grab the hidden page either. No real matter what the nice reason, creating a concealed page in Joomla is very simple to set up.

The very first thing you must do when making your hidden web page is to make a new article in your Joomla Article Manager. Put whatever information you want those who land on your page to see as soon as you are completed, save it. Once you have saved it as well as your display screen should now be displaying a list of all the articles you have written.

Find your newly written article and check this article id number which will appear on the significantly right hand part column under the column proceeding ID. Take a be aware of the amount. After that you need to visit your menu manager and create a new menu called “hidden”. It is easier to set it up like this so that you can keep track of all your concealed pages. Once you have create your concealed menu, you need to link this article you have just written to a fresh menu item within this recently created hidden menu.

After attaching this article to a menu item, remove the id variety of the menu item as you will need this later. It’ll appear on the right hand column under the column going ItemID much. Replace the xx of the article&id with the id variety of the article you have written (ID) and replace the yy of the Itemid with the menu id number (ItemID). It is always a good idea to test that it spent some time working by putting the completed code into your browser.

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