Beauty AS WELL AS THE Sublime

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This assignment is to produce a group of 6-12 photographs that convey my own interpretation of beauty and/or the sublime within the framework of landscape. I may choose to support, question or subvert accepted explanations of these conditions. My images don’t need to be made in the same type or host to location; however, they need to compliment one another and attempt to work as a cohesive series. With regards to thinking about the beautiful and the sublime, as well as consuming to accounts Simon Morley’s text I decided to photograph scenery within the idea of being a “beautifully terrifying” image.

Working on this premise for me personally this is about my dread and fascination of drinking water. On the main one hand I really like water, just how it looks in scenery images due to the high comparison reflections. How lakes and rivers are formed over a large number of years, the sheer power of the sea and my fascination concerning the way the tides coincide with the sun and lunar cycles as well as the earth’s rotation. I feel it really enlightens us all as to how powerful OUR MOTHER EARTH is and I needed to portray that within this task.

My fear of water in not unfounded and I like to believe there are more people out there than we realise who’ve this fear. Keeping every one of the above at heart coupled with the actual fact there are tons of people who cannot swim in the world I really believe my task choice to be rather a relevant one.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 movie)
  • Nothing can defeat a bright smile and a small amount of self-confidence
  • 10 drops Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Amar ibn Ummayah

I want to improve the water, portray it in a wonderfully sublime way and funnel the uncooked natural energy captured within an image. Initially I needed to analyze Ansel Adams because of this assignment. However Personally i think I have used Ansel Adams in nearly all my research throughout all of my modules, so I used a few different photographers instead.

I believe I will come back to him throughout this component as it would be rude not to. For the near future I have used other professional photographers to impact my theme in relation to this project. Clark Little can be an award winning photographer who is located in Hawaii. His work consists of shore break photography on the beaches of Hawaii, for his images he uses wide angel and seafood eyesight lens. He captures the wave in the same way it is breaking, with great compositional skills. He handles to fully capture a graphic just at the right time, for him timing is everything.

His images are always vibrant in colour and eye getting as you can see from his photographs they are used the morning hours or evening when the light reaches its best. He used to be always a world class surfer so he can predict the waves and know very well what to do when they have broke, so to not harm himself. This is an unhealthy job as a huge wave could break his neck easily, but with his years of experience he has kept himself as safe as possible when taking his photos.

I thought we would research Clark Little as his work inspires me and makes me want to be a great photographer, designed for this project I used his images to see how the ocean movements. Obviously the waves in Britain aren’t as powerful or large as they are in Hawaii, but by examining his work it provided me some ideas in regards to what I possibly could create. I tried to find reviews on specific images and generally about his work, i mainly found interviews from his perspective however, which is fine, it was not what I needed for this assignment. The reviews he has are short and sweet but by no means inconsequential.

They are all in agreement that his work is innovative and magnificent with each new photograph. All I can say is WOW! Secondly the overall jealousy I’ve knowing that I could never have a picture of a similar stance due to my fear of water. The next photographs are images that either didn’t fit in with the series or I felt that the quality or composition had not been up to scrape.

I have included them showing my way of thinking towards this project. This rejected image was taken at sunrise first. Your day was very overcast As you can see, which is how the weather was the entire time I was in Bruges. I selected not to utilize this image as it did not have the impact which i was seeking, it is too toned and with the swans swimming around the reflections of the canal weren’t clear enough. I like this image due to the path lines of the swan and the composition.