A Summary Of Star Citizen Live “All Things UI”

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This is a summary in my words, based on my own records, taken whilst viewing SCL. I’ll mainly be paraphrasing here rather than straight quoting anyone, and sometimes I would add my very own responses which are identifiable by using Italics within mounting brackets. I’ve included links below for the YouTube and Twitch VODs respectively.

For reference, Simon is the UI Director, and Zane is the/a Basic principle UI Primary Technology Builder now. First they’d ask: why do people want to customise things? Their first thought is that it is because the existing UI isn’t doing work for people, so then they’d need to find out what people can’t stand.

In relation to this, they’re reworking the HUD, Multi-Function Displays, and the FPS visor. Currently, UI elements like icons of station mission or turrets factors can be quite invasive, filling the screen sometimes. What can be done to make this more user-friendly/diegetic? It’s something that they’re interested in looking at, but they’re not sure how soon they’re going to reach it.

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Players having the ability to choose what shows up on the visor. Jared ideas that they’ll show off some UI WIPs in Q3 of ISC. Zane says that whenever they have easily versatile designs, they can begin thinking more about how exactly to make things smarter regarding when info is shown. TL;DR No; everything’s contending for attention for this reason problem only appearing after so many things were added in to the game individually.

Otherwise they have to investigate how to make the messaging system work, in relation to the visor HUD. They have a few ideas on how to get this done, such as timers, limits to just how many messages can show up, and more immediate changes to how Players are notified about new messages. Simon thinks that it is a legacy feature from having so many things added to the overall game; that they are all competing for attention.

It’s something they’re thinking about investigating – the visor display generally – which is: what do we do to the messaging system to make it happen for people. For instance, they could give communications priority, so that something important could override other things really. They could implement timers so that they stay on for a set time.

They could restrict how many messages show within a certain amount of time. What exactly are we doing to aid non-1080p resolutions? Many Citizens have 21:9 or wider monitor resolutions. Zane says that part of the presssing issue would be that the UI happens to be very static. They’re developing the ability to have flexible layouts, and those could potentially resize dependant on the aspect ratio of the Player’s monitor, so that everything remains noticeable on the screen. The challenge is that things are also in-world though, like the MobiGlas, which could be scaled, and also Field of View changes although FoV is something they’re still looking at in terms to getting it all to work.

Ultimately it comes down to prioritisation, and however making sure the UI works well with wider monitor resolutions isn’t a concern right now. They would like to design their UI so that it is much more keyboard-friendly. Right now you can only use the mouse, which is rubbish, because using the keyboard can at times be faster.

They add that making the UI more keyboard-friendly can simplify it, which is normally good because then it’s much more likely to work well across other input devices too, like a gamepad. The MFDs ought to be the first little bit of UI to feature the greater standard control method that caters for most people.