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PhotoPlus Expo was enlightening this year, for a number of reasons. Among them, a large hit at the show when it comes to continuous-light sources, but more on that in a complete minute. For the technology side, several companies caught our attention. Up First, is the business ikan, which has an amazing selection of CLS light. Our go-to source for these devices is Mac Business Solutions, which really is a top-end boutique for all things mac (from computers to still tools to video, to, yes, even high end printers).

Be sure to require Sonny, the dog owner, when you call. Next was GoalZero which has some amazing portable battery power. We picked up a set of these packs, and also have used them to power dying laptops, and desire to use them to force our ikan lamps when they arrive! Not merely can they offer an array of power, however they have portable also, small, and effective solar panels to recharge your kit.

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No more looking for a shack with a bunch of car batteries if you are in the center of nowhere to charge your equipment. The secret is performed by These babies. Our last tech company that peaked our interest that we’re featuring (trust us, there have been many), is onOne Software. They launched Perfect Suite 6 on October 25, before the show, and Brian Kraft, VP of Sales spoken about how advanced this new version is, and we’re a believer.

The resizing, center point features, and the portrait retouching features make this thing a dream for those looking to save time. A worthwhile presentation was the always enlightening Sam Abell, who spoke at the Canon booth. All in all, I had been impressed with the integration of the WPPI part of the show, following the merger (or aquisition?) of WPPI by Neilsen/PDN, that was announced at the 2010 show. Well done, integrators. The show was, as always, never to be missed. If you did, don’t miss it next yr. Please post your remarks by clicking the hyperlink below. If you’ve got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

So considerably we’ve considered five factors when deciding what things to automate: product strategy, risk, objectivity, repetition, and opportunity cost. All five of the will change. Product strategy shall progress as the market changes. Risks will appear and disappear. As the features of the merchandise change, what’s objective and repetitive in its evaluation will evolve.

The time you have available, as well as your opportunity costs, will change. When deciding what things to automate, you will need to consider the speed and nature of your change. Is change in your organisation predictable, like the lifecycle of the fish? Guess what happens steps the apparent change will take, and the cadence of it. In 2 weeks, this will happen. In six months, that may happen.