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I feel that I’ve matured in relation to what I write about and products that I accept from the different companies. I understand it’s great to get free goodies Yes, but there’s a pressure attached in the form of a follow up post, Vlog, mentions on Twitter/instagram and Facebook. I will now only accept and review products that suit me, my blog and undoubtedly you my readers. Among the real highlights of 2014 was a post I had written about Christian Louboutin’s release of his nail Polish collection.

The post itself was just an interesting write up and not a review, but it’s what occurred after I submitted an untagged connect to my article on Twitter that was so special. Out in “Twitter World” it got me tweeted by several followers and the following point Christian Louboutin retweeted my link to 1.392 million of their followers.

Cellular Mineral Exfoliators in 2014 and I had been lucky enough to try both the body and face versions. I back have never looked. I still have my off days with “wiggly” lines but overall I’m now very good at joining the dots. What I did so to come away with were many “foodie” highlights plus a few extra key and I do not discussing the suitcases type!

Rekorderlig and I fell in love with their Mixed Berry flavor. This next Highlight of 2014 really pressed me way out of my comfort zone, as I did so my first Blog. Despite the fact that I’m a chatterbox and I’m never trapped for words, this Vlog was positively nerve wracking, but I did it and I am very pleased with it, as it has received 4000 views nearly. To many beauty bloggers that number is almost certainly pathetic, but it sounds good if you ask me, especially as I must say I wasn’t expecting greater than a handful of individuals to view it.

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  • Honey Hair Conditioning Treatment
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  • Laneige Water Bank Essence (60ml)
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I’m going to blog in what went on these couple of days. WHICH ISN’T AS EXCITING AS EVERYTHING YOU THINK. I must say I have nothing to talk about haha but my holidays arriving real soon (YIPPEE but which means examinations are nearing as well it) and the coming week’s going to be a pretty fascinating one.