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Sorry I haven’t submitted in some time, I have already been really busy! I did so, however, have to be able to pick up some new makeup on my latest visit to Target. I was at Target and I started looking at all of the cool makeup they have now. They have some really nice stuff lately from makeup artists, it looks like the type of makeup that you would find at the mall. So, I came across this brand from London called Pixi. They have some really cute makeup. I fell deeply in love with this eyeshadow absolutely. The compact I bought (pictured above) is Bitter Sweet Cacao which is beautiful!

It continues on great and blends well (not your normal drugstore makeup for sure). 28, but it’s really worth it. You get 8 colors of eyeshadow so that you can create a lot of different looks. Pixi also carries really pretty lip gloss, plumping lip gloss, bronzer, eyeliner and some really cute lip/cheek balm. That’s about all I could remember right now. I want to pick up some lip gloss the next time, they didn’t have the color I needed.

  1. ▼ 2009 (123) – ► August (14)
  2. Suit / DAILY friendly consumer basis
  3. 6 drops Geranium Essential Oil
  4. Tiny Spoons (like these) of varied sizes
  5. Apply in layers
  6. If you were remaining alone within an island, what exactly are the three things you’ll choose to live with
  7. Lower castle walls available to expose inside of castle

I wanted the three blocks to each have a distinct feel, but to interact as a cohesive trio for photography also. Whenever choosing fabrics for a block, I’m always looking forward to that illusive feeling of ‘ah, yes, of course’, which comes while i finally feel There is a combination of colours and prints that works. It made the cutting and sewing little bit speedy and some days before Xmas really, I posted my blocks to the our editor off, year ready for their picture shoot in the new.

So, on to the actual book, which is a thing of beauty. It’s peppered with examples from the V&A’s collection, rendering it feel a really wealthy and weighty publication. It is also fascinating to observe how each contributor has approached creating today’s version of their original inspiration piece. The book’s other contributors are Jenny Barlow, Susan Briscoe, Caroline Crabtree, Jenny Haynes, Pippa Moss, Ruth Gillian and Vocalist Travis and their makes are all gorgeous. One of my favourites is this reversible cot quilt by Pippa Moss – I haven’t tried making a complete cloth quilt, but this makes me want a chance.

Beautiful tactile fabric and complex hand-quilting. Another project that jumped out at me is this gorgeously striking quilt by Jenny Haynes, finished with hand quilting in solid perle cotton. There are so many other lovely tasks inside – way too many to say here. Finally, I needed showing you some of the stunning step-by-step illustrations by Eleanor Crow. If you’re interested, you might well have the ability to hunt a copy down in your neighborhood bookshop.

Alternatively, you will get it on Amazon (that’s an affiliate marketer link by the way – this means if someone purchases a copy, then Amazon give me a little percentage of the sale price. Amazon doesn’t share all of your details with me though. I believe a launch party for the book is being prepared at The Village Haberdashery in London on 25th November. I’ll share more details nearer the time, but if you fancy arriving along, it might be really lovely to meet you.

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