MAST Fitness Mobility And Strength Training For YOUR WAY OF LIFE

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This is part one of an article that was posted on Dr. Mercola’s internet site. I will post the other areas soon. When assisting to prepare Olympic athletes for battle, each day we have hardly any weeks and incredibly little time. Time appears to be against us always.

However, working with Olympians became great training for dealing with non-Olympians. Most everyone seems they have little time for fitness in today’s fast-paced world. In preparation forever or the Olympics, you need a program you can easily placed into any plan, yet is super-duper effective and totally safe. Injury is no option for potential medalists or busy people.

This week’s column illustrates ways to get the greatest bang for your buck, meaning ways to get more from your workouts while spending less time and optimizing injury prevention. All exercise and stretching, as well as all motion in life, needs to be performed as near to Perfect Posture as possible.

God designed your body using all of the vast, highly technical laws of research, mathematics and physics for your “Body By God” to best offer with gravity. When maintaining your position, the muscles, joints and bones are in their strongest and most steady. This will allow them to have the ability to withstand large or repetitive forces without suffering injury.

Remember to keep this posture during all stretches and exercises. Any exercise or extend that demands a disruption of position means it is harmful, or you do it wrong. Due to sitting, driving, focusing on the computer, getting out of shape and the consequences of gravity, certain muscles get too short or too restricted. This may create a personal injury during raising or make you develop joint degeneration and pain as time passes.

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To compensate for the natural muscle shortening occurring due to our modern, unnatural life styles, stretching out before is crucial to perform, during and after every workout. Hamstrings: While standing up, put your feet through to a seat or bench. Keeping perfect posture (head up/shoulders back/weight lifter’s arc in your back), bend slightly toward your foot down, ensuring to keep the shoulders and head up.

You should feel a stretch out in the rear of your leg and leg. Calves: Stand 2-3 foot from a wall and slim against it while maintaining your back and hip and legs straight and that means you are bending forward at the ankle only. You should feel a stretch out at the Achilles calf and tendon muscles. Chest Muscles/Front Shoulders: Stand by a wall or in a doorway and put your hand against it at eye level. Move or slim forward, from your hand away, until your arm is straight and being taken back enough to result in a stretch in the chest and shoulder muscles.

Change the amount of your hand to below the waist and above your head in order to perform this stretch out at three different angles. Front of Neck: Roll your shoulders back, pull your chin in and then roll your head back so you are looking up at the roof behind you.

This is done to stretch the front of the throat. The muscles and ligaments in the front of the throat get tight because of the forward head posture created by generating, viewing TV or seated at a table or computer. Hold all stretches for 10-15 seconds, back off slightly, take a breath in, and then allow it out while the stretch is repeated by you for another 10-15 seconds. Every time you decrease while breathing out back, you should be in a position to stretch farther. Do each stretch at least three separate times to achieve the maximum benefit.