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As much as I love Spring, I absolutely HATE my seasonal allergy and sinus problems. I actually suffer from allergy and sinus problems throughout the complete year (I’ve had these issues since I had been a baby), but like some social people the warmer months are terrible for my health. Certainly are a few tips that help me cope Here. Taking a shower has to be my favorite part of the day.

During this time of 12 months it’s so important to remain clean especially with all the current pollen outside. In the morning and in the evening I always take a shower. I early to begin taking medication. Unless I have to go directly to the doctor for medication. These medications help with reducing my allergy and sinus symptoms.

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  • PureSense Refreshing Body Mist
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  • She washes her face with milk. (And probably drinks a bit if she gets thirsty)
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Please, read all directions carefully before taking any medications. You may want to seek advice from with your doctor as well. Since your hair is most likely going to be exposed while you’re outdoors, keeping your hair clean is important also. Once a week anyway I normally wash my hair, but through the Summer and Spring, Twice a week I try to wash my hair. Again, two other elements you should keep clean Once. Some people don’t realize that you can bring pollen into your home just by the clothes you wear hence then sitting on your bed etc. Keeping your clothes and bed linens can make an enormous difference.

Ok I know I cannot stay indoors just like a hermit on, but I try to stay inside when pollen is bad outside. However I have to take medication before I go out usually. Staying hydrated is so important during allergy season. That is never an issue for me personally since I drink a lot of water in any case.

Allergies, sinuses, and dampness don’t blend well collectively so try to stay cool. This time of year also makes me sad not because I wear minimal to no makeup. Since it’s so hot and humid in the South, wearing makeup tends to make me feel hotter. Sometimes I have breakouts due to allergies wearing makeup will only make it worse, so I just miss wearing it.

I suppose I don’t brain that too much since I don’t wear makeup everyday especially during hot weather. If you have an awful sinus and allergy issues like I’ve, you may have to go to the doctor if over the counter medications don’t work. I am to the doctor numerous times over the years because my allergy and sinus issues became uncontrollable. I actually may need to vacation soon. I hope that these tips to support you in finding relief if you suffer from allergy and sinus issues! I’m by no means a medical professional, they are just things that I really do that help me feel better.

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