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So why are we so fat? The experts will reveal that while we’ve improved our macronutrient percentages, we’ve also increased our consumption of calorie consumption and that is the problem – men are eating approximately 168 more calorie consumption and women 335 more calorie consumption. The old “it’s the calories stupid” answer. Which begs the question – what makes we are eating more calories? Few are asking the important question – did a modification of our macronutrient intake have an unintended consequence on our satiety level and ability to regulate food intake, and calorie intake thus? The strongest caution cited is that low-carb diets encourage eating high amounts of fat – about 60% of calories every day while you are losing weight!

Good grief that seems high, does it not? Each day today 2600 calories from fat, while they’re overweight, just what does a very low-carb diet due to their fat intake if they reduce calories to 1600 every day? Surprisingly, hardly any. In fact, their intake of fat would increase 10g – or around 2 teaspoons of essential olive oil just.

I don’t know why – but if you actually start looking at the quantities, Everyday NOT the percentage of calories, the true increase is in protein, not unwanted fat. And the data suggests that more proteins in the diet actually is the driving drive for higher satiety and the “metabolic benefit” to burn up more calories. This upsurge in protein is within stark contrast to the protein intake on a calorie-restricted, low-fat diet that insists macronutrient intakes must remain at 30:15:55, leading to a significant decrease in protein intake when followed based on the percentages!

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  • The notification was fairly quick, clear and unspun
  • Inflammatory colon disease (IBD)
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  • Tracking your diet and exercise
  • Committed to making lifestyle and diet changes
  • Choosing nutritious foods that are lower in fat4

As you can view, on an extremely low-carb approach, there is NOT a significant upsurge in how much body fat is eaten, even though the percentage of calorie consumption significantly raises. However, on a calorie-restricted, low-fat approach, protein intake as a share is the same, but consumption by the gram reduces!

In reality, it’s a 39% decrease in protein intake which really is a direct 39% reduction in amino acid consumption. The data available implies that controlled-carb approaches – from Atkins to the Zone – offer a much greater intake of essential nutrients – amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins & minerals – in comparison to traditional low-fat methods. By the end of the day what matters most is essential nutrients not what percentage of your diet was fat or protein or carbohydrate. Tomorrow I’ll compare, side-by-side, a 1600-calorie very low-carb menu with a 1600-calorie low-fat menu and fine detail what each provides nutritionally by the end of your day. It shall be an eye-opener!

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