Beyond The Golf Course

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Through the late 1980s, doctors didn’t have office hours on Wednesdays often. On Wednesdays, doctors were at the course. There, they calm and surely got to know their colleagues better. No doubt they talked about upcoming vacation plans and the university graduations of their grandchildren and children. They discussed difficult patients and therapies that could be used to take care of them.

Referral relationships between General Practitioners and specialists like Cardiologists and Nephrologists were produced. Quite simply doctors, who for most of history were independent businessmen responsible for their own integrated empires, used Wednesdays on the course to network. The time-honored custom of network on the golf course still thrives and it now includes a little percentage of women, as well as men.

In your Solopreneur consultancy or small business, I suggest that you take into account including a sport in your networking activities. Consider inviting prospective or current clients and referral sources to visit the tennis courts, drop into a spin, yoga or Pilates class, or venture out for a run or bike ride.

Networking without the presence of food and drink can be very productive. Elisette Carlson, founder of SMACK! Inviting potential clients for a round of golf is comparatively easy, because the practice is standard among businessmen and golfers love to find each other and get from the links. Convincing someone to visit a strategy is required by a Pilates course and a dosage of all the best. Still, it’s worth a try and you’ll not be hurt if your offer is declined.

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First, evaluate whether your potential customer is the physical sort. Golfers can be in less than excellent condition, but unless your potential customer appears to be fit, you will be unable to coax him/her to join you in a physical exercise. Next, discreetly investigate the actions that your prospect likes and you can match. Business owners can use this approach as well, by welcoming the employees of the B2B partner out for an organization activity. Normally it takes place on the course, but an even 1 hike or private beginner-level boot camp class may also be arranged at a local fitness center.

If you know that your networking focus on bikes to work so you trip, too, suggest a bicycle ride, maybe with a operating group. A Pilates class is likely to be a safe bet, because it’s cross-functional, does not require a sophisticated skill set and most classes are just an full hour. Yoga might require a somewhat higher skill level and all classes appear to be 90 minutes, but it’s nonetheless work a try.

Avoid “killer” classes, unless your potential customer shows passion for extreme work-outs. Your goal is to promote social interaction derived from a enjoyable little work-out that brings on good emotions which you can use as a springboard to relationship-building. The timing of the “sweat-working” session is also important. Morning My vote is for early, however, many may have no problem with either lunch time or evening. The preferred time of your networking target is the time you decide to go with, obviously.

Remember also to ask your prospect just what a good location would be—near his/her office or home would be the best choice. Also, consider where in fact the post-workout shower can happen. During the work-out, watch your prospect and monitor whether s/he might want more or less activity. Do what’s necessary to build a satisfying experience. If a contest is suggested, or if score is held in the experience, your client must win, only if by a nose. If there are scheduled games regularly, then the customer wins 65% of the time.

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