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“Too often in the City budget process, we focus our time and attention on ‘city’ services,” said Mayor Jones. “We have a tendency to treat the school system as a ‘grantee,’ financing them with little review. The Schools Accountability and Efficiency Review Task Force will be co-chaired by James W. Dyke, Jr. and Eva Teig Hardy. Jim Dyke is a former Virginia Secretary of Education under Governor Douglas Wilder, and presently somebody with McGuire Woods.

Eva Hardy is a previous Virginia Secretary of Health insurance and Human Resources (Governor Gerald Baliles), previous Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (Governor Charles Robb), and a former Senior Vice President of Dominion Resources. “Both individuals bring to the desk a dedication to education and a strong business history,” said Mayor Jones.

City Council President Kathy Graziano and Council HHS Committee Chair Chris Hilbert will provide as ex-officio members of the duty Force. “In this manner, we are building in the populous city Council review process to coordinate with the task of the important Job Power,” Mayor Jones said. “My expectations of this group are simple: Help me put our general public schools on a path to excellence.

This commission will work over the next 12 months to do just that. In establishing this Task Force, I am explicitly asking the users to keep their eyes on EXCELLENCE in our School System, and how exactly we can help to achieve it. “My number one commitment is to focus more income in the classroom, with instructors teaching students – and getting excellent outcomes. Again, if we have to provide more money to RPS to progress results for students, we will then. However, one way of putting additional money in the classrooms and in the hands of teachers, is to invest less overall in the working offices. We recognize that this process has begun, but we need to push the envelope and speed the process along.

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