Fit Fierce Fight

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Whether you’ve gotten into this fitness and clean eating stuff a while ago, or are not used to it and super jazzed about your new lifestyle completely, YOU can be a Coach. You don’t need to be considered a fitness, nourishment, or business expert. You have to be YOU just. Coaches get a substantial discount on the merchandise. Many people become Instructors for the discount just, and that is perfectly OKAY!

It makes financial sense to take action, especially if you get Shakeology frequently. So, if anything, don’t let a great discount opportunity pass you by. BUT, in the event that crazy idea strikes you, it is possible to work this as a business! And YES it is more than possible to generate income.

Go to iTunes Podcasts and pay attention to some of the Team Beachbody National Coaches Call Podcasts. They often include a Coach who began just like all of us and has been wildly successful. If they can take action, why not US? You can work this business part-time or full-time.

Whatever time you have is enough. And many instructors have used this to make more time by replacing the income of their 9-5 job, permitting them to leave it to check out another passion. Many stay-at-home parents use this to fund their ability to remain at home with their family. You could have enough time and financial independence you want by doing something you like: helping people find fitness solutions. I don’t want to market stuff. You don’t have to. This stuff markets itself.

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In fact, Beachbody encourages its Coaches to be COACHES, not salesmen. Your task as a Coach is to talk about your tale, share your fitness trip, and become available and helpful when people ask you about any of it then. Because they will. It’s that easy. I don’t want a lot of product cluttering up my car or house. Beachbody helps to keep the inventory.

You don’t keep anything in your own home, car, wardrobe, attic, etc. When you assist someone in deciding on a program or product, you receive commission rate on your sale. You must touch the merchandise itself never. That is a pyramid scheme, isn’t it? BBB and has been around for YEARS. How long is it possible to keep in mind viewing P90X commercials on TV?

Yeah, quite a while. This isn’t something new, crazy, or illegal. If these were a pyramid scheme, somebody would’ve taken them down by now. Instead, it’s a wildly popular and well-run company that pays most of its Coaches based on sales of product. No one ever makes money off of Coaching sign up fees (which are really small, by the way, and even FREE for military services families). Network marketing business models do make more money when you build a united team of individuals.