Create A Full Flash Web Site Tutorial Using Macromedia Flash

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This Flash tutorial will show you learn how to create a basic flash website. View Site . I may also recommend which have have a look at another flash tutorial on the right way to make a flash website for extra studying. Start off by making a brand new Flash doc with dimensions of seven hundred width by 500 height. Name the first layer “principal” and the second layer “script”.

Then create 2 blank key frames (f7) on every layer. Initially we will create a preloader, which is able to be certain the entire of the flash webpage is loaded earlier than the user sees it. It also signifies to the user that one thing is going on, reasonably than them seeing a clean canvas, whereas it loads. So, on the first body of the “predominant” layer create add the text “loading”, using these settings. Convert to Symbol or F8) known as “load”. Now that the textual content is in it is own Movie Clip, double click on it and create the textual content “99%” using these settings.

You’ll discover that as an alternative of selecting static, as with the “loading” text, the text has been made dynamic. This permits the textual content to be changed with actionscript, while the consumer is on the website. The letter “p” has also been added in the field “Var”. This provides the textual content a variable (p) which can store the data that we need to be displayed within the textual content box. As the web site masses “p” will hold the present share that the site has loaded to.

Next, go back to the main timeline and select the “load” Movie Clip that we just create, and add the code proven under. This code checks to see how a lot of the flash file has loaded and displays the percentage within the text. Once the whole of it is loaded, the timeline will go to border 2, where we’re going to create the web site Movie Clips. Before we do this, a cease() motion is required on the first frame, so that the location can load.

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This can stop it from going to border 2, the place the location might be. On frame 2 create black rectangle with no border. While it is selected, within the properties panel change it is width to seven-hundred and it’s top to 500. Make it’s X & Y place 0, making the black rectangle cover the whole of the canvas. Convert the black rectangle right into a Movie Clip image known as “primary”.

Convert the rectangle into another Movie Clip symbol, also known as “bg”. Create to further layers, one known as “menu” and one known as “sections”. This is the 2nd a part of this Flash tutorial. Next, double click on the “bg” Movie Clip and create another rectangle ona new layer above. 55676D and the settings shown within the image beneath.

You may see the revealed model of how it seems to be by clicking on the image under. 4B585D and the settings shown below. 394448 and the settings shown below. For the brand I used Arial Black and Verdana. Place the picture just below the logo and that is the background of the website finshed. This is the third a part of this Flash tutorial.