Should Toddler Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

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Should Toddler Beauty Pageants Be Banned? I was viewing a documentary regarding small children between your age range of two and five competing in beauty pageants. Personally, This practice is found by me repulsive and wish they would be banned. Young children should not be forced to wear expensive costumes, dresses, make-up, jewelry and become spray tanned.

When the parents are interviewed, many claim that their children “love” taking part in these pageants. Small children do what to please their parents — they “love” it because their caretaker(s) reinforce this behavior. I also noticed that lots of the children cried and experienced temper tantrums before going on stage. They did not appear to enjoy what they were doing.

I also ponder about the personal images of the children who do not earn these competions. I wonder whether forcing a kid to be in a pageant could certainly be a form of child mistreatment. Frankly, I do nothing like beauty pageants generally, but young adults have the capability to decide if they want to compete.

In addition, some young adult pageants like Miss America offer some scholarships based on intelligence, beauty and talent. While I really do not like the message that pageants send regarding women personally, I really do respect an adult’s to choose to compete. If adults want to increase their own sense of self-worth, let them do things to increase their own self-esteem of living their lives through their young children instead. How will you experience this presssing concern?

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