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What is a Motor Carrier Permit? Who requires a permit? Who will not need a permit? When should a new carrier apply for a permit? How do you obtain a Motor Carrier Permit? MAY I go to the local DMV Field Office to obtain a Motor Carrier Permit? Where should i send my application and insurance to obtain a Motor Carrier Permit?

It’s much broader than that. However the report claims that since JPM / CIO people couldn’t point to specific positions it was endeavoring to hedge, that the SCP is at fact speculation rather than hedging just. The report also makes it appear like these derivatives are too complex and dangerous, but upon reading JPM’s report and the Senate report, I find that that wasn’t really the issue.

The investment bank or investment company had no problem pricing and managing similar positions. The big problem was that the CIO didn’t mark their books accurately and held adding to losing positions. This isn’t too different than Nick Leeson blowing up Barings; there is nothing complex and difficult with simple too, straight index futures contracts. But there is certainly a huge problem if you don’t indicate your positions correctly and you keep increasing positions expecting things will turn around. The problem seems to me what I initially suspected; Ina Drew was type of like a teacher’s pet and operated beyond the class rules.

If Ina is OK with it, Jamie is OK with it. And noone messes with her or challenges her business. THIS was the big problem. The same trades wouldn’t normally have happened if it is at the JPM investment loan provider (or if it was, it would have been managed very in different ways).

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  • What is the come back on collateral? (Use 2012 values)
  • 79- the last bid price for the reason that day per share of stock
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And I don’t believe this will ever happen again. I don’t believe JPM create all of these checks and amounts just so that some people wouldn’t have to use within them. It is rather clear to me that that was the biggest flaw in cases like this; JPM acquired all the tools, expertise and understanding to prevent something similar to this, but it wasn’t applied at all due to the above “teacher’s pet” symptoms.

But my view is a lot simpler than that. Having said everything, I am not saying there can not be more losses somewhere else in the lender. There probably will be other derivatives losses, as you will see deficits on municipal relationship holdings just, sovereign credit holdings, credit card mortgages and loans. On the contrary, I think JPM and Dimon taken care of this situation very well. It did take the press to call management’s attention to the problem position, but after they on realized what was going, they disclosed it, put a team onto it and resolved the problem within the year.