Localfit Launches Travel Fitness Membership Using Explosive Tech

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C, Sept. 25, today 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ –, technology startup Localfit launches their groundbreaking health club account option. This travel-oriented fitness membership allows for access to more than 5,000 premier health night clubs class-based studios while traveling abroad. Acting as a cheap travel option to the favorite fitness application ClassPass, Localfit uses similar technology to cinema disruptor MoviePass allowing for rapid growth and seamless club integration. 5.month using the special promotional code Start-50 at checkout 95 per. With over 5,000 facilities open to Localfit members, Localfit grants members more exercise options than any “big-box” fitness chain. Using proprietary mobile, GPS and financial technologies, Localfit partnered with FinTech titans Mastercard and Marqeta for unlimited, quick scalability.

Members can certainly find in-network health night clubs and studios using the Localfit app, and use their Localfit all-access cards for smooth entrance then. Around the heels of an exceptionally successful beta program implemented in the first half of the year along the East Coast, Localfit creator Rob Gilliam anticipates tremendous demand and support for this thrilling membership option.

Unlike MoviePass, Localfit’s travel limitations and ability to discuss lower rates at high-use night clubs has resulted in a business model that is both sustainable and profitable while still delivering members incredible value. With release underway, Localfit is currently looking to add additional health clubs and studios and it is discovering the addition of experiential fitness excursions for better appeal to a millennial audience. Based in Chapel Hill, NC, Localfit offers fitness memberships to the people wishing to maintain their exercise sessions while abroad. 27 billion US fitness industry.

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