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Charles McGrath lately examined Steven Pinker’s The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. Though still revered, The Components of Style, to be honest, is a little dated now, and plain incorrect about some things just. Strunk and White are famously clueless, for example, about what constitutes the passive voice. Yes. “Temporally incorrect” is how I like to put it.

And a few of Strunk and White’s cautions and preferred usages baffle. But this business about “famously clueless”: like Pinker, McGrath repeats Geoffrey Pullum’s declare that Strunk and White don’t realize the passive voice. As I’ve argued in a response to Pullum’s undertake The Components of Style, that claim is a misreading of the plain sense of Strunk and White’s text.

Follow the hyperlink and see if you recognize. For a far more thoughtful (and critical) appraisal of The Sense of Style, I’d recommend this review. Alex Sheremet patiently requires apart passages that Pinker presents as showpieces of good prose. By doing this, Sheremet makes me believe that The Sense of Style ’s sense of style will make me slightly crazy.

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I am looking forward to the library to make it happen. An interested reader will get my pre-Sense of Style take on Pinker and Strunk and White in a post about a 2012 Pinker lecture. That post has already established a true quantity of trips from Harvard and environs, and I’ve wondered, of course, if one (or more) of the visitors may have been Steven Pinker. But I question it. Just like the 2012 lecture, The Sense of Style gets the story of The Elements incorrect, proclaiming that E. B. White flipped William Strunk’s “course records” into a reserve.

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