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March 14 – Welcome to the house for real time coverage of European equity markets presented by Reuters shares reporters and anchored today by Helen Reid. Frankfurt-based investor says. “There have been some shorts before FY18 outlook, that was expected to be weak. That did not materialize. Shorts must be protected,” he adds.

Still the numbers and the best buyback are a nice surprise. UBS highlights that its buyback represents almost 9 percent of the business’s share capital, the utmost permitted under the AGM authorisation, while Baader Bank or investment company Helvea says its outlook was convincing and above objectives. Neither, however, made changes to their price targets. Investors located in London, which got the best Remain vote, will be the most positive on Euro area equities, a Lloyds bank or investment company study shows.

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They’re also among minimal enthusiastic about UK equities. The North, in the meantime, which had the third highest Leave vote in the UK, has the strongest positive sentiment towards UK equities. Investors in Scotland will be the most pessimistic about UK equities, having voted Remain overwhelmingly. Markus Stadlmann, chief investment officer at Lloyds Bank Private Banking. TO “PEAK GROWTH” (1134 GMT) Slowly but surely, the narrative that the Euro zone could somewhat have reached “peak development” continues to grow this morning with data displaying the Euro area industrial creation was weaker than expected in January.

ING analysts in an email commenting on the statistics. Euroboom, the first quarter of this year is more about economists pointing to a loss of financial momentum. OPENING SNAPSHOT: EARNINGS SHINE THROUGH TIMID START (0817 GMT) European shares are pulling higher from a poor open, however the real action is on the single-stock level where email address details are spurring some decent-sized moves. Adidas is currently the largest gainer following its talk about and results buyback announced, while news of Prudential’s demerger has delivered its stocks up around 5 percent. A strong teaching from the miners is also helping prop up the market because of some solid industrial production figures out of China.

A decline among energy shares and industrials is pulling the market lower, however, as results knock shares in chemicals firm Brenntag and postal services supplier Bpost. MORE APPETITE FOR SUPERMARKET STOCKS? Food retail is a hardcore area at best, given the risk posed by online large Amazon. In the event that you look at a chart of how the UK grocers have performed within the last year, a very important factor sticks out – Ocado is the best performer.

So online is key. Today’s results from Morrisons though could give investors something to cheer about. MRW defeat forecasts and announced a special divi, thanks to wholesale and an internet drive (the results mention initiatives such as a store-pick online service and ‘Morrisons at Amazon’). Jefferies experts say in an email.

Jefferies add. Traders are phoning Morrison’s stocks 2 percent higher today. And on an optimistic note, far this year every one of the UK supermarkets are outperforming the FTSE 100 so. Futures are down across the board, indicating European stocks aren’t going to have a simple reprieve after yesterday’s falls, as fresh tariff threats increase uncertainty over trade.

Retailers are front and centre of results today, with Adidas and Inditex reporting. The German sports fashion company sometimes appears attaining 3 percent in pre-market indications after it forecast sales and revenue growth would continue in 2018, albeit at a slower pace. Inditex reported a seven percent leap in annual income on the other hand, despite negative headwinds from a solid euro. Meanwhile M&A may be a mover after Atlantia and ACS reached an contract immediately over joint control of Abertis.

Fewer than 20 percent of investors now expect a changeover deal to be decided prior to the March EU summit, regarding to Barclays’ regular Brexit investor survey conducted the other day. The Oct European union summit or beyond Almost two thirds of these surveyed expect an agreement to be delayed to. MORNING CALL: TARIFF JITTERS TO SPREAD TO EUROPEAN SHARES (0624 GMT) Hello and welcome to Live Markets. European shares are called to decrease further today as the latest protectionist plan force creates more doubt and pessimism over world trade. Asian stocks reversed over night as traders digested the risk of new U.S. Chinese imports and President Trump’s move to flame his Secretary of State, which experienced already sent Europe and Wall Street skidding. 60 billion of Chinese imports, targeting the technology and telecoms sectors specifically.