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You can still become a member of the 4th Pillar by purchasing it at the full price. It’s our 100th concern, so we’re offering a discount for the first time in more than six months. Now, before you are told by me about the compelling suggestions in our 100th issue, i want to first inform you of The 4th Pillar and its investment strategy. The year 2000 Let’s go back in time nearly two decades to. The tech bubble had just burst, and stock markets throughout the world were in the dumps. The NASDAQ in the United States had lost half of its value, along with a amount of other stock markets across the world.

Many technology companies that were enormously favored by investors just a few months before had gone out of business entirely. It was unattractive. And most traders didn’t want to touch the currency markets with a Ten Foot Pole. One particular stocks that had been left for deceased in the early 2000s was an Australian business called Queste Communications– ticker image QUE.

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Queste Communications developed an early on version of Voice Over IP technology, much like Skype. And investors loved it. But the tech bubble burst later only a few months. Investors panicked and sold everything. And that’s what captured my interest: despite the extreme drop in its stock price, Queste Marketing communications had a hill of cash on its balance sheet still.

35 million relating to its annual financial statement that year. So I bought as many shares as I possibly could. And sure enough, barely three months later after investors’ fears got subsided, the stock price surged and I made six times my money. Think about how exactly you shop at the supermarket. You almost certainly don’t just haphazardly get random items from the shelves and toss them into the cart, of price or quality irrespective. My guess is that you look to discover the best cuts of meat, the freshest fish, the best looking produce, while simultaneously seeking to see what’s on sale.

You want high quality food. Nevertheless, you also want solid bang for your buck. A lot of people inherently have this sense of value. Whether you’re buying groceries, or a fresh car, or a homely house, we’re always looking for a great deal. Investing should be the same. Yet for some reason, people seldom apply this sense of value with their investments. Instead, people stampede into expensive, popular investments that are exorbitantly overpriced. Personally, I’ve never known anyone who became rich (or stayed that way) buying overpriced assets. My method of investing, and the approach we use inside our 4th Pillar investment newsletter, is the same “deep value” strategy which i defined above.

It’s a much lower risk strategy than traditional investing. Consider it: when a great, healthy, profitable business is already selling for less than the quantity of cash in the lender, it’s difficult to get hurt. EVERY investment holds risk. But I’d buy a deeply-discounted rather, profitable business than a pricey, popular stock that loses money.