How Dragon Boating From A Cultural Watersport Became A Popular Sport Today?

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Dragon boat racing is the most popular activity which is done through the dragon boat festivals. The sports have been kept for 2000 years throughout the china. Dragon sail boat racing is typically the most popular activity which is done through the dragon boat festivals. The sports activities have been kept for 2000 years throughout the china.

In historic China, the dragon fishing boat was used for religious purposes as a genuine way to appease the rain gods, but today dragon boating has become the popular sport in many countries. Dragon boat is deeply embedded in China’s Dragon culture. A dragon vessel includes ornately carved dragon’s head at the bow and a tail in the stern.

The hull is decorated with dragon’s scales, and the paddles symbolically represent the claws. In dragon boat racing there are 18 to 20 paddlers, a steer’s person, and a drummer, each of them together form a team and contend with other team members. Races are held over distances from 200 to 2000 meters.

To play the activity team members need strength, stamina, skills and a good teamwork. In the 1970s, the Hong Kong visitor association decided to stage a global dragon boat event to market Hong Kong, and in 1976 first Hong Kong international races occurred. Later with the forming of international dragon sail boat federation (IDBF) in 1991, there formed other federations like European (EDBF) and Asian (ADBF), today govern and conduct Dragon boating in 60 countries and these three federations. Since the formation of IDBF, the activity has spread across the world.

Today with 50 Million participants in China, 3 lakh participants in UK, Europe, Poland, and Russia water sport has worldwide become extremely popular. Dragon boating is a team sport and a great fun too! Additionally it is a high standard sport for elite standard athletes. It’s a sport and recreational activity that can be pursued by everyone and any generation people.

Looking at the popularity of the sport today, many night clubs have created who perform dragon boating for common people. They always welcome new paddlers of any generation, fitness level. Participants need to join up themselves with a club and purchase dragon sail boat paddles to practice and enjoy water sport. Dragon boating is a water sport, so paddlers can get damp thus they have to have comfortable clothing (shorts, ¾ t-shirts and pants, sunglass and shoes in order to prevent themselves from getting wet.

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For the safety of their paddles they may also buy dragon fishing boat accessories like paddle cutter covers, paddle carry bag, blade tip safeguard etc. Cary hand bags help them to carry their boat paddles to longer ranges. Benefits of dragon boating can be split into three categories, fitness, team development and physiological health advantages.

Dragon boating is a challenging activity that combines upper body exercises. It does increase paddler motivation, enhances communication and increases self-confidence. Dragon boating provides its people with a relaxed atmosphere, reduces stress and improves self-esteem. Looking at increasing demand of the activity, sports paddle manufacturers today are providing cheap and affordable vessel paddles with their customers. These boat paddles are made up of carbon fibers and also have a T-grip at the ending also, which provides perfect grip to paddlers. E mail us to buy top quality dragon boat paddles at affordable prices.