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Hi all, this is only a short post today as I must limit my time using the pc right now credited to a pinched nerve in my neck and spine. I want to get done. Physio appointments feel like they are taking over my life right now, lol! Oh well, sometimes you have to work around the things that eventually you and do things just a little in a different way for awhile.

I can’t envision coping with a chronic disease that debilitates and helps prevent you from doing everyday things. I understand many people deal with harsh health issues daily, it must take a complete lot of strength and energy. For now I am going to you need to be doing around one hour or so each day of online business, designing and marketing. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to make contact with my routines, kind of makes me feel a bit useless.

My husband said, just rest, get some good good books and do what you can! You might have noticed that I am creating plenty of Youtube videos to showcase different products and designs from my store, Designs by Shell. I hope you can enjoy these. I appreciate the thumbs up and any one which subscribes to my channel as I get going on this. Here is the latest one which I’ve made.

What is a 49 silver rush? What was gold hurry locations? There is a “gold hurry” in Yukon, Canada. Many in California also. How did the battle with Mexico make the the yellow metal rush possible? It allowed the acquisition of California. Without California, no gold-rush could have happened. So how exactly does the California Gold Rush business lead to statehood for California?

The Gold Rush caused the populace to increase enormously in a small span of your time. When do the California rush end? The California Gold Rush ended in 1855. However, many people search for silver in California wishing to hit it wealthy still. What state had a gold rush in 1848? The continuing state that had a precious metal rush in 1848 was California.

How much gold do the California platinum rush find? What do the gold hurry use to get to the gold? What effect did the gold rush have on th growth of California? The population was made by The Silver Hurry of California grow immensely. It was the only real reason why California was able to make an application for statehood. What was the impact of precious metal hurry in California? The gold rush caused a major population boom in California.

Often you observe “ghost towns”. These usually date to the platinum rush times when human population was high back. What did men do in the California gold rush? They appeared for gold. Who were the California gold rush prospectors? Where was precious metal found in the Yukon platinum rush? What goes on in a Formula One pit stop?

Our -panel will discuss the growing role of AI in business for companies big and small. Your chance to ask questions of some of the best startup thoughts in business technology. We’ll ask a united team of experts to learn. Few technologists have been more central to the development of AI in the enterprise than Andrew Ng. With Landing AI and the support of many top venture companies, Ng has the foundation to build up and start the AI companies he feels will be winners. We shall talk about where Ng expects to see AI’s biggest impacts across the enterprise.

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While we’re still a couple of years away from having quantum computers that will match the full promise of this technology, many companies are already starting to experiment with what’s available today. We’ll discuss what startups and enterprises should know about quantum today to prepare for tomorrow. There is no shortage of data in the business these days certainly. The question is how do you process it and put it in form to comprehend it and make better decisions? Our -panel will discuss the issues of data management and visualization in a moving technological landscape where in fact the term ‘big data’ doesn’t begin to do the growing quantity justice. today 100 cost savings before prices rise – reserve yours.

103. Question: Do like doing things in a fresh way? Do you consider it will probably be worth it? 104. Question: How many things (like systems, methodologies, requirements etc) were transformed at the last job because of your recommendations? How achieved it advantage the business? 105. Question:What exactly are some things that you might change soon about your look of working ?