What, Exactly, Are Your Fitness Goals?

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If you want to accomplish your health and fitness goals, you will need a powerful method, something to arrange your efforts. In this specific article we’ll help you to get arranged while covering three important strategies for turning ‘bad’ fitness goals into ‘good’ ones. Want to listen of read instead? What, exactly, are your fitness goals? Any effort to “get in shape” starts with this question.

It seems like a simple question to answer. Rattle off how many pounds you want to lose Just, what pant size you want to wear, how much weight you want to deadlift, or the time you need to look photo-ready… and you’re on the way. Of course, that’s how most people set their fitness goals.

But are they carrying it out right? That’s why we spend lots of time helping our training clients specify and established the right kind of goals. When you properly set your targets up, a straightforward is had by you, elegant, action-inspiring blueprint. You understand just how you’re going to build the skills you will need to get the physical body you want.

Proper goal setting is a plan for getting things done. When you do goals right, you feel ready, ready, and in a position to make your dream happen. When you don’t learn how to set goals, you get lost. Confused. Overwhelmed. Crushed by “shoulds”. Distracted by stressing and thinking, or by irrelevant details.

If you succeed with poor or unclear goals, it’s probably unintentionally. Mastering the skill of goal setting techniques is powerful. Early in the development of our PN Coaching and Certification programs, we noticed it wasn’t enough to discuss the kinds of goals that work and the kinds that don’t.

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We needed a formula that our own instructors (and Certification grads) might use with clients. One which was easy to understand and implement. We needed a method that could be applied to any desired result – from slimming down, to getting off cholesterol meds, to feeling good about where you are in life.

Today, I describe that formula. Read on for three important ways to instantly change “bad” fitness goals into “good” ones. Turn “outcome goals” into “behavior goals”. I want to lose 20 pounds. I want that thin-skinned, ripped look. I want to binge less often. I wish to deadlift double my bodyweight.

Outcome goals describe how exactly we want things to be by the end of the process. Nothing incorrect wanting things There’s. Or discussing what you want. Or you start with the end in mind. But we can’t there stop. Wanting things isn’t enough. If you really Even, really, really want them. Because: We often can’t control outcomes.

Outcomes are influenced by environmental things. Your job gets crazy active. Your kid gets ill. Your fitness center closes for renovations. Your mom with dementia needs help. You have examinations at college. And they’re affected by physical things. Your human hormones escape whack. You have a chronic illness. You’re traveling a lot.