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Here is a Lafine firming therapeutic massage cream for you. If you are not sure exactly what is a massage cream, it really is a moisturiser you need to massage on the facial skin until it becomes transparent and then rinse it off. It really is for dry skin and for winter when everything is not moisturising enough.

Also some use it to avoid friction during massaging using the Korean massage method. Massage cream was really popular 5 years before BB cushion came out I believe back. Actually this is the first-time I am using a massage cream since I’ve mixture skin and mineral oil just don’t work that well on my skin.

This cream is made of five skin-friendly vegetables (cucumber, tomato, parsley, water parsley and carrot) to deliver natural vitamins and nutriments to skin. It calms warmth and fever, which makes it the perfect item for after-sun treatment in summer season. Apply toner after cleaning. Apply a generous amount of the cream on your forehead, nose, jaw and cheeks. Massage in little circle motions from the inside to the exterior of your face. Wipe with a gentle tissue. It comes with spatula. LAFINE Firming Massage Cream has the aroma of apple which is great if you want it.

The massage therapy cream contain beads which dissolve when you massage therapy it. The cream is gentle and is fantastic during massage. You need to wash it off with drinking water so that there is no residue after that. My skin is surely really soft an smooth after that. It actually contains a lot of pore clogging stuff unless your skin don’t mind it-petrolatum, mineral oil, ceteraryl alcohol, ethyhexyl palmitate and vitamin E. All of those other ingredient are flower extract. You can find Disodium EDTA also, fragrance,Triethanolamine. In case your like mineral oil personally, this is great as moisturiser for winter really.

  • You should take bright shaded fruits like strawberries, blue berries etc
  • Some products are safer to try than others
  • Do not bathe multiple times per day
  • Put a little bit of gold eyesight cream on
  • It’s a rare occasion when I put makeup on

It immediately provide soothing and relief the dryness immediately. Sorry that it only work for my own body since my face is fickle and the ones ingredients aren’t friend with my face. Overall, a huge tub for dry type of skin, during winter , nor mind mineral essential oil. To find out more, please visit Catalinageo website, Kmall and BNT News . Product is delivered for y account. However, the views portrayed here are my very own and honest as always.

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