If So Shame On You

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That is approximately sixty thousand dollars or significantly less than the expense of one instructor when you factor in salary and benefits. That’s all Tallahassee allocated and its shameful. That can’t possibly match increases in fixed costs like instructors salaries, health care, transportation therefore a great many other things. This also occurred while the condition siphoned billions more away from pubic colleges to charters and private universities most of which have practicaly no over site, that take vouchers. You just knew something would get harm when the state budgeted extra money for school security, and it’s unfortunately public schools that are going to pay the price.

It’s one step forward miles and kilometers back again. Tallahassee is purposely starving our colleges and I have to ask is that what my republican friends voted for? If so shame on you. Here is a notice superintendent Willis delivered explaining how dire the problem is. In my role as superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, I am urging Gov strongly. Rick Scott to veto the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) part of the 2018-19 General Appropriations Act as proposed by the Florida Legislature.

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Superintendents from the 10 largest college districts in Florida are united in opposition to this budget, which gives only 47-cent increase in the base student allocation (BSA). The BSA is the only way to obtain flexible funding college districts receive to handle the inflationary costs of running an education system and providing needed boosts for our hard-working educators and college support workers.

5 billion more than the existing year. 450 million for his Keep Students Safe plan. 18 million of new financing. 60,505.95 for Duval County Public Schools for the 2018-2019 fiscal calendar year. This amount does not cover our average teacher’s salary plus benefits even. While we appreciate the increase in school safety funding, Duval’s share will not be enough to provide a school resource officer at each school. Those money are needed by us for sworn officers safeguarding our institutions. Our first concern is the education and basic safety of our students.

A 47-cent per pupil increase actually symbolizes a loss of financing to Duval colleges. Utility, health, property insurance, and other business costs continue steadily to rise for our school district, in the same way they actually for our residents and businesses across Duval County. A rise of just 47 cents per student jeopardizes the funding necessary for important student programs, as well as the increases necessary for operating expenses.

Duval County Public Schools, like the continuing state of Florida, has achieved record high graduation rates and enhancing student outcomes continuously. Our students, our families, our schools, and our staff have earned and deserve greater support from our state. I am requesting Gov. Scott to veto this shocking funding level, year as he do last, and have the Legislature to return and provide the correct increases in the base student allocation and college safety funding.

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