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So I was originally diagnosed in 2013 with type 2. GP found it accidentally during a routine blood ensure that you was stunned as I didn’t suit you perfectly as a result for a type 2 diagnosis. My hba1c has continuing to creep up over the following years and I am now on insulin and metformin. Today, I used to be seen in the diabetic center for the very first time (5 years post diagnoses) and my mind is plain. The expert has delivered me for an antibody and cpeptide test straight away.

So now having blood tests to check on. Also being known for an MRI check of my pancreas. I must say i wonder why my GP never found on all these signs and if the test show I am type 1 I believe I am going to feel really let down. I kind of just felt the need to rant a bit.

Was diagnosed as T2 early 2014 soon after my boy was born-i’d put weight loss down to me getting healthy before my kid was created but got balanitis – bloodstream test confirmed a high HbA1c (9.2% in old terms). Have worked tirelessly with diet and exercise (reduced to 49mmol in new money) which eventually failed, then Metformin and low carb, gliclizide in the combine over 4 then.5 years. It had been actually someone in work that were through a similar journey that told me about the c-peptide and GAD test and to force the issue at my GP.

6 weeks of pressing finally got me referred to the hospital with HbA1c constantly on the 60mmol range for 18 months. High c-peptide readings hinted that there was no wrong medical diagnosis and was to wait on the results (shared by my GP). I had fashioned my 6 month follow up earlier this week and was going in to require some extreme support as I sensed beaten. I possibly could see others that had reversed type 2 which were older and less fit than me-how the hell could they do it?

Imagine my shock when the Dr began showing me T1 assistance and how I had flagged as LADA 5.5 years after original misdiagnosis – especially after the letter I had developed seen from him a few months before. But the feeling of self and uselessness blame lifted. This isn’t something I could control or blame myself on-my fog has lifted and I now need to change my outlook.

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All I can do is give thanks to the other LADA guy I understand for recognising the same issues in any other case I could have continued trying something that was fundamentally futile and getting ultimately more and more down onto it. It makes me question though why the GAD test isn’t more trusted first. I had developed asked 5 times for this and was told it wouldn’t matter by my GP. How wrong they were. That is the most frustrating thing in my case.

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