The Power Of Makeup

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The reason for this study is to investigate how one YouTube makeup guide impacted and shaped viewer’s perceptions in a single digital community. This research uses ethnographic content evaluation to analyze a transcription of The Power of Makeup YouTube video and the top 300 comments still left below the video. The written text from the artifacts (transcription and remarks) were coded and categorized into 6 designs: empathy and relatability, empowerment, societal targets, insecurities, personal justifications and disagreement. Each theme is a reflection of how participants responded to THE ENERGY of Makeup through their comments. This considerable research will help equip viewers with an understanding of how images are perceived. With this knowledge, audiences will be able to use critical thinking skills to discern truth from opinion.

It was over per month ago that William and her engagement broke off, but nonetheless that scandal was in the environment as heavy as smoke still. Tatiana asked, running up to Isabel’s side with Greta and Valerie; two gossiping snarks who got nothing easier to do to spread or start rumors then.

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Isabel replied, picking up an apple and grimaced as it was bruised on one aspect and preceded to mind down the marketplace stalls. Isabel hissed, glaring straight at her giggling sister. Tatia barked, grabbing Isabel roughing by the arm. Isabel back spat, getting rid of her arm from Tatiana’s grasp. Valerie snickered and then quickly quieted down when Isabel’s darken eye got onto her.

Isabel hissed as she paid the baker and strolled off with her sister and friends pursuing behind. Isabel turned on her heels and strolled from her sister. Tatia gasped, covering her hand with her mouth. Isabel smiled as she found a sterling silver dagger with a white stoned deal with. Bella blinked coming out from her flashback and investigated the eyes of Elijah. Bella replied, smiling at Elijah and touched his face. Elijah asked, realizing that he may repent asking. Bella replied, shrugging as she walked to the table back again.

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The same guideline pertains to your makeup: If you’re going for a red lip, lay from the blusher and smokey eyes. If you want a dramatic eyesight for the evening, think of taking a pale lip. For daily wear, the target is to appear to be you don’t have makeup on; that you up got, brushed your tooth and hair and vavoom, you’re gorgeous. That’s what the French do.

French females actually spend a great deal of time on the grooming, they don’t tell just. That’s just how it’s supposed to be. French women are so self-confident, I will say show up so self-confident, that it’s almost alarming. The simple truth is they are as neurotic as you and me just.

True, they may be taught certain truths about femininity from birth which make them more intriguing (we’ll reach those, thanks to my sisters-in-law), more open to male attention, and more relaxed with themselves. They don’t want to look perfect, for instance. Perfection is boring and the French are often weary.