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The Most Comprehensive Break down of Different Eye Makeup Looks/Techniques you could ever Find, Want, or Need! 1. The Gradient Effect: This is probably the easiest and most popular smokey eyes. It is very easy to do, and is my very own personal go-to. The appearance starts with one color and goes from light to dark basically, from the within corner of the optical eye out.

There’s a really gorgeous gradient effect that happens with this type of eye makeup, and it just looks stylish and amazing. 2. The Cut Crease: That is for the advanced makeup enthusiast. The Cut Crease is a method where the crease is “cut” sharply with a contrasting vision shadow color to give it that basically dramatic described crease.

There is usually always dramatic sharp liner to go with it, and the makeup is very angular. 3. Light on the lid, Smokey in the Crease: This is not as visual as the Cut Crease, but it is similar. The Cut Crease is different since it is a particular sharp cut between the two colors, and it is angled in a certain way. This is much more blended and smokey.

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You see this look with a lot of matte colors. 4. The Graphic Shape: Graphic designs are also for the ambitious makeup lover. This makeup is just really cool. It’s eye makeup that has a huge focus on shape, and really has a pronounced cut. This type of look is a combination of really well-done usually, sharply drawn eye shadow and eyeliner. Sometimes it is just eyeliner. 5. The All-Over-Smoke: This look is smokey everywhere, with a concentrate on just one color. 6. The Black Smokey Eye: Self-explanatory.

The Classic Smokey eye. 7. Dark on underneath, light on top: Gossmakeupartist says there are actually only two types of Smokey Eyes. One that goes from light inside to dark externally (the gradient effect) and one which is dark on the lid and mixes upward to nothing at all. 8. The Eyeliner Overload: This is basically extreme eyeliner. It makes the eyes look striking really, and the variations are endless. The good examples here show really smudgy sultry thick dark liner, a bit of an all around winged liner, and really messy dark liner.

9. The Double Wing: That is your classic top liner, but with a twist. This calls for underneath eyes collection or shadow winging out to parallel the very best liner. There is usually a light color between your two to be able to emphasize the juxtaposition. 10. The Sharp Angle: That is an attention shadow form that ends very sharply. It adds a lot of drama and is commonly used in Arabic makeup or Arabic-inspired makeup. This look is often achieved using the tape method. 11. The Hilary Duff: The Hilary Duff is exactly what I love to call the thick smoked out bottom shadow look.

It’s Hilary Duff’s signature look, and it certainly adds an attractive smokey bedroom turn to the attention. The Lily Donaldson: The Lily Donaldson is what I call Lily Donaldson’s favorite eye makeup, or at least the makeup look makeup artists possib her to wear. It’s a glance that goes completely into the nose bridge area.

There’s a lot of fine detail work going on in the socket, and the shape is a lot more oval. There is also a lot of eye shadow rimming underneath range. The Adele: Everyone appears to love seeing Adele wear flicked out eyeliner. Actually every publication cover she actually is has her putting on some deviation of this look on.