Weight Loss After Robotic Surgery?

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Weight Loss After Robotic Surgery? Weight Loss After Robotic Surgery? Has anybody lost weight after surgery? Hubby’s misplaced approx 10/15lbs since his, and it is very noticeable. He’s been getting concerned about it, and requested if anybody on here has talked about it taking place to them. Just doesn’t look or appear ‘proper’. I advised him I believed it may very well be from the stress of the diagnosis and the surgery, which does not fairly sound prefer it matches to him. His 2nd put up-surgery doctor visit is on the 24th, and we’ll in all probability give them a call if he loses anymore earlier than then.

9.96. Neg DRE. Previous biopsy 5 yrs neg, with fluctuating PSA. Biopsy 2/28/13- three of 12 constructive. 4, 30% involvement, 3mm. Neg on Perineural invasion & Extracapsular invasion. My dad had his davinci surgery in the first week of April so your husband’s was solely per week after, and yes my dad lost weight with the surgical procedure, too.

From what I’ve read, this is pretty common. It’s major surgical procedure and it takes the body some time to bounce again. Their activity stage is slowed approach down and so they are not as hungry, not eating as huge of parts as earlier than the surgical procedure. But as he starts feeling better bodily you must see his appetite choosing back up.

It may take longer to put on the pounds. It’s very common. I lost weight after each surgeries I’ve had (gallbladder and hernia). The meds, surgery all take their toll and that i had a giant lack of appetite. Something concerning the body’s healing process and the stress of surgery. It takes a number of months to completely heal. I did not look or really feel ‘right’ for a couple of months.

Give it time, he’ll bounce back. Still, do ask the physician if he continues to reduce weight. I will be in the shop. I want. I ended up gaining maybe even 25lbs. Didn’t help that I went to stay in Rome for a 12 months with the categorical goal of consuming and drinking.

I’d ask your doctor though. Prostate was small, 34 grams. Tumor measured 5 mm in greatest dimension and was situated in the precise lobe close to the apex. Tumor was confined to prostate. The apical, basal, pseudocapsular and tender tissue resection margins have been free of tumor. Seminal vesicles were free of tumor.

  • No Heart price monitoring
  • Physical Health
  • A overseas object will remain inside your physique
  • Fitness on Toast
  • You’re a nonsmoker or have give up smoking
  • 1st yr was dropping weight and learning about my Band
  • Protein intake ought to be low – 25% of calories at a most

Right pelvic node – benign fibroadiopse tissue. Hopefully it start to reverse itself! He’s playing tonite for the 1st time since surgical procedure, he’s lead guitar in a orginals/80s rock band, so hopefully that’ll assist normalize things a bit extra for him. 9.96. Neg DRE. Previous biopsy 5 yrs neg, with fluctuating PSA.

Biopsy 2/28/13- three of 12 optimistic. 4, 30% involvement, 3mm. Neg on Perineural invasion & Extracapsular invasion. I misplaced about 20 lbs, however it was from all the strolling I did after surgical procedure. I’ve stored the weight off by staying active and consuming higher. I’m in much better form now than I was pre-surgical procedure.

PSA undetectable for over a year now. I lost 8 pounds (dropping from 158lbs to 150lbs) within the 5 weeks since I had surgery. Me best guess: Some of the weight is due to the liquid food regimen and mushy foods for several days. Then, the decreased exercise stage causes much less appetite.

And, in my case, I misplaced muscle mass as a result of my day by day trips to the gym ceased for a number of weeks. No incontinence. Total ED. Thanks for the reassurances you guys! He started back on common meals late afternoon of the surgical procedure. But he is not consuming as much, nor as lively as he was yet.