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President Donald J. Trump should already be looked at one of the best presidents in US background even though he has held office for just over two years now. Certainly Donald J. Trump is one of the great patriots the united states has ever produced. Liberals Obviously, leftists, socialists, communists, or whatever democrats call themselves these days would disagree vehemently. For those brave enough with an open mind, allow me to express a few observations. There are two definitions.

The first definition is: ‘a person who loves, facilitates, and defends his or her country and its own passions with devotion’. President Trump surely satisfies the first description as his detractors tone of voice their hatred of the person for doing such. The next description of ‘patriot’ also matches President Trump. A patriot is ‘a one who respect himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government’.

Given the Democratic Party’s push into socialism and satanism, not a single democrat could be defined as an ‘American patriot’. Ditto for all those Republicans almost. The stupidity of the still left ceases to amaze me. They qualify themselves with terms like ‘resist’ and ‘revolutionist’. Yet, liberals don’t appear to understand that a desire to expand governmental forces is not ‘resisting’.

It is surrendering to the condition. The Constitution of the united states is still to this day the most groundbreaking document on the net because it searched for very limited authorities power and the document was even immediately amended to spell out specific liberties. Liberals want to crush these individual liberties because they think their opinions are the only ones that matter. That’s not ‘revolution’. That’s subservience. Note to liberals: learn some vocabulary. President Trump will not accept an income and takes great criticism for his ‘America first’ mentality. Contrast that with the communist strategy. What does any good communist do when they suppose power? They enrich themselves. Representative Ocasio-Cortez just announced big pay boosts for her staff.

It’s not her money. 30k (relating to US Census Bureau). Seventh President Andrew Jackson has no other equivalent and will be the greatest American Chief executive always. Jackson was the last US President to leave the national country with zero debts. His budget was balanced. He ridded the united states of the parasitic central bank or investment company.

He held the union together when civil battle brewed on his watch. Chief executive Jackson achieved what Leader Trump cannot even. The great Andrew Jackson exterminated the central bank from the soul of economic liberty. Day attempted to perpetuate the wicked malignancy of central bankers While the Congress of his, Andrew Jackson displayed genius and courage with the heart stroke of a veto pen that unleashed economic and cultural gain unrivaled in history. President Jackson wonderfully organized his reasoning of the central bank or investment company veto. In summarizing, he wrote: ‘I did my duty to my country’.

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Think for an instant how serious that statement truly is. President Jackson single-handedly made America as great as it is almost. President Jackson imposed fiscal discipline on his Congress and constituents alike. Thanks to Jackson inflation was nil all the real way up to 1913. Also to think, Jackson is also known as the daddy of the modern Democratic Party. A democrat who imposed fiscal discipline and zero debt! My, what lengths the party has dropped! President Trump keeps a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office. President Jackson too was a patriot.

One duty of a patriot is to tell the truth. Granted, no one is completely honest but true patriots push for credibility even if their constituents don’t want to listen to it. How exactly does President Trump rank in conditions of honesty, truth, and patriotism? Well, let’s examine what we realize now that we would have known if Leader Trump not been elected never.