Study At King’s

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We’ve designed this program to open your brain to an easy selection of areas. From sociology and psychology to rules and financing, you’ll explore different disciplines to help you understand every part of business management. Research plays a vital role in the real way you learn at King’s. And this can help you develop essential analysis skills and understand the latest strategies for managing global businesses. When you research at King’s you won’t just learn about business – you’ll maintain the centre of a city with a growing economy.

There are always opportunities to learn more about the industry and meet people who know everything there is to know. You shall be taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials and unbiased study. A typical 15 credit component includes a 1 -2 hour lecture and a one hour tutorial every week.

We encourage critical analysis and debate on contemporary management issues. At King’s, we place great focus on self-employed research and study and encourage students to go over their ideas and discoveries. Assessment methods depend on the modules you will be studying, the primary methods of assessment used for this course are written examinations, presentations (both individual and group), in-class coursework and tests.

  • Outdoor Signboards
  • Should You Buy A New Or A Used Vehicle
  • Relaunch your website, shop or product/service
  • 6-8. Small businesses create about ____ percent of the new careers in the United States
  • Requirement #3: The alleged offer must be communicated to the offeree in a few form or fashion
  • 5 years back from Iowa
  • What is meant by dangers

Most modules include a ‘Tutorial Assessment’ which carry a weighting of at least 10%, as well as your attendance and course participation will be shown in the tag granted also. King’s Business School benefits from being situated right in the heart of London, one of the most exciting cities for business in the world.

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