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As a nationwide serviceman, he is entitled to sign up for the MHA/MINDEF group insurance scheme with Aviva. It is actually a steal. 20 per month. Enrolling onto it was easy as he doesn’t even need to do the excess work of medical examinations given his NS status. 100,000 of personal accident insurance, so there’s some additional cost for his coverage.

Renewal appears to be annual. Actually, it seems like his children and spouse can to remain to the same plan too in the foreseeable future. 480 a year for a 30-year term. 5,000, but it was quoted as such. It too was very hustle free. I made it clear to both of these that this term insurance shall not advantage them straight. In the end, the only returns to be collected is upon morbidity! Rather, it is to protect their ‘dependents’.

In the near term, that will be us, the parents. In the long run, their loved ones when they may be married. And if nothing is ever gathered, it’s a very important thing! The whole point of term insurance is to replace the lost income when one dies too early, and family members are influenced by you.

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So it suffices to hide till one gets to financial independence. Obviously, as one builds up his/her own investment portfolios, the amount of term insurance coverage needed decreases over time. So it is practical to have multiple term insurance policies probably, each ending at different ages. Effectively, “reducing the coverage as time passes”.

300,000 or more when these are older, and to have term coverage that will span them till their estimated retirement. I have no idea when which will be for them, perhaps 55, 62, 65? Who understands. I will leave that to them to figure out when these are older. The word insurance is therefore to hide the difference till it could be met or surpassed by an investment collection to provide the desired income for the dependents.

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