Diary Of A Fit Mommy

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Sooo, I acquired a NEW device that has stepped into the Diary of a Fit Mommy Fitness center lately. Are you excited as I am to hear about it? It is called the Slide Board by Obsidian. This unique board originated by Erin & Lacey, two fitness trainers with considerable training. You burn off a huge amount of calories by sliding backwards and forwards as your form of real cardio.

I am uncertain why I am at the moment hearing about the slip boarding craze, as it’s been around for a while, but I love it! The Obsidian Fitness Workout System includes a unique slide board which enables you to slide laterally which effectively engages the core muscles – burning stomach fat and losing inches throughout the waist line.

These workouts will help tone your abs and obliques, leaner hip and legs, a toner chest muscles and a firm and lifted in back of. This amazing workout system will boost your metabolism so your body will continue steadily to burn calories long after your workout. Comes with a LIFETIME warranty. If anything breaks (ever), you are covered. There’s NOTHING to install. Just unroll and go! Can do over 100 workouts. Simple to use, easy to clean. So much fun to use! Comes with THREE DVD’s (Beginner, Crazy Abs, and Pure Cardio) But there are always a lot others as well. Includes a group of glide booties and mitts to wear.

Great for low impact cardio. The panel is similar to a yoga mat in the fact that it can certainly fold up and be stored anywhere. To be honest, after i was approached to examine this slide plank, I was not sure what to think. I am the type of gal who hates cardio and who adores lifting.

But, I thought, why not? I couldn’t believe how much fun I had with the board-my spouse enjoyed it too! The exercises are aweome seriously. They challenge your core to stay balanced as you slide, but they tone your hip and legs also. You use your arms to help slide yourself also, which means this makes the perfect total body at-home cardio. Each morning, I will seriously pump up my iTunes and do my cardio applying this table. My INNER and OUTER THIGHS have been more toned never!

It is hard to believe that a simple board can do this, but it’s not so simple. Have a look at my video below! To really get your very own glide table for your home fitness space, visit the main site’s store. Take 25% from your entire purchase using promo code: SIA25. This code expires 05/31/15 so be quick! Also, make sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube web pages for information and more information! Disclaimer: I was presented with a Slide Board to rest, at no cost. All views are my own.

  • Sports flooring in the fitness area
  • 1/4 lb. Ground Beef (or Turkey or Chicken)
  • Put the fitness center session or course on your schedule, it becomes an autopilot activity
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  • Battery door tool
  • The application is a little confusing

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