Disney Brings Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast To VR

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Today, Disney is announcing a fresh digital truth experience for Oculus Rift with Touch and Gear VR. To coincide with the discharge of its latest live action remake, the legendary studio is giving you a front row seat to one of Beauty and the Beast’s most iconic scenes. Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal puts you at the master’s table and invites you to witness the titular candelabra’s full culinary performance. Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal is being made available through the Disney Movies VR app that may be downloaded now for free on Oculus Home for Rift and Gear VR.

“This unforgettable VR experience places you in the dining area of Beast’s enchanted castle, as Lumiere prepares for a particular feast in Belle’s honor. Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal also utilizes the Oculus Touch controllers to permit for interactivity during the dinner ware’s creation. Disney Movies VR is up to date semi-regularly with new encounters, most of which tie up into an releasing or upcoming Disney film.

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Even if it is just a glorified advertisement, Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal should be a true thrill for any enthusiast of Disney magic and Beauty and the Beast in particular. Although, no amount of technology can make Ewan McGregror’s warbling French(?) highlight quite as effective as Jerry Orbach’s nostalgic baritone. Bless his heart. He’s attempting his best. But when it comes to this song, Orbach will will have the high surface.

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