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Did the first church have any concept of using scholarship to shed light on questions of authorship? 1. Comparing the utilization of the name “John” in the text messages: Revelation employs the name John over and over, as the Gospel of John and the characters attributed to John do not.

2. Framing and launch: the emphasis on the origins and on what they had seen or beheld as the starting place for both Gospel of John and 1 John, but not Revelation. 4. Phraseology and skill with the Greek vocabulary in which both are written. Did any of the gospels claim to have been compiled by an eyewitness? Have Protestants skipped the idea of the Reformation?

1. The chapel is not infallible.2. True orthodoxy traces its origins to Christ and his witnesses.3. The church exceeds its authority whenever it shows on God’s expert anything it has not received on God’s specialist. 1. The cathedral is not infallible.2. True orthodoxy traces its roots to Christ and his witnesses.3.

The church exceeds its power whenever it shows on God’s specialist anything it has not received on God’s power. Has modern scholarship or grant disproved the original authorship of the Gospel of John? How long before Luke had a duplicate of Mark’s Gospel? Did the early church care if a document’s attribution was accurate? Would using an apostle’s name guarantee acceptance in the first church?

Would the first Christian cathedral have accepted any writing? May be the NT reliable? The first Christian church was superstitious and gullible; they would have accepted anything. The early Christian cathedral was a simple mark for forgeries; all it required to gain approval for a document was to tack on the name of the apostle. Forgery — or pseudonymity — was a widespread and acceptable practice; the early Christian church would not have cared if someone had adopted a disciple’s name as a pen-name.

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The Gospel of Luke had to have been written decades following the Gospel of Mark because it would have taken that long for copies of the Gospel of Mark to become widely circulated. The appendix to the Gospel of John disproves the traditional authorship of the Gospel of John. None of the gospels statements to have been written by an eyewitness.

The early cathedral lacked our idea of critical scholarship or grant for taking into consideration the authorship of a text. The early chapel lacked our concept of critical scholarship for the real content of the text. That they had no real way to deal with discrepancies among hand-copied manuscripts. The usage of prophecies in the brand new Testament demonstrates the prophecies were retroactively invented to match events once they occurred. The four gospels now considered canonical were forget about viable than the choice gospel suppressed by the chapel.

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