Fitness Games Aim To Show People Exercise COULD BE Fun

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Two very fit friends are out to spread the word that exercise can be fun. Fitness trainers Karleigh Wright and Adam Shaw have teamed up to organise The Fitness Games. The event well see more than 20 fitness classes running back to back at Whitburn C of E Academy. People can go to the school, in Shanks Road, on Sunday, July 3, in the hope of finding a class they love.

Karleigh, who operates KW Fitness, said: “The institution has state-of-the-art fitness facilities so it’s a great spot to have this event. “I don’t think people realise how many different kinds of classes are on offer in the North East. your day “We’re heading to have over 20 classes happening throughout, with things like clubbercise, kettlebells, zumba, and vera movement, all the latest and traditional types of fitness classes.

“People can try up to seven of these and the wish is that people will see ones they love. Adam, who runs Shaw Fitness and Sport, developed the idea. The 26-year-old, from Boldon Colliery, said: “I held an identical event last year and it was a huge success. The idea is to create a meeting that appeals to local people who are thinking about fitness.

Her long-term goals are even more ambitious. “Ultimately, I am attempting to compete at international occasions,” she said. Her training schedule is dictated by her full-time job. The morning hours She trains in, evenings and on weekends and gets a great increase on non-competition weekends when she trips with associates of the St. Catharines Cycling Club.

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“Your time and effort is pretty near to the effort I released in a competition because there’s lots of strong people there. No matter where Byers’ cycling career takes her, she actually is the champ of changing her life for the better already. She urges others who face similar challenges from what she faced in 2008 to take a risk.

“Just get out there and starting carrying it out. Picking a goal can be an important part of the process as is acquiring the various tools to reach that goal. “You can only just up go. If you feel that badly about yourself, there’s only 1 other direction to go,” she said, with fun.

It doesn’t take long to notice just how completely cycling has taken over Sara Byers’ life. There is certainly nothing at all lucky, however, about the amazing success that Byers has had in the activity of cycling within an astonishingly short period of your time. Her impressive list of bicycle racing achievements boils down to a couple of things: Dedication and effort.

The team is run by the couple team of Chris Komar and Susan Palmer-Komar, a three-time nationwide champion, two time Olympian and Commonwealth Games silver medalist. Racing on the united team of this quality, in and of itself, is indicative of an excellent athlete. The fact that Byers was asked to become listed on the team after cycling for only 14 months is almost unbelievable. But 2 yrs ago just, Byers acquired no proven fact that she would meet the requirements to participate in a nationwide bicycling competition. She says that she was approaching 30, not happy with the direction her life was taking and she decided to make some changes. Byers decides on the course of action, she’s all in.

As the pounds fell and her spin class ability soared, she came to the attention of competitive cyclists who used the classes for winter training and conditioning. Dismissing the wintertime mountain bike riders as ‘crazy Initially, ‘ she relented and was instantly connected eventually. And not simply on trail riding, her love for street riding and racing followed.