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Here are some tips for anyone in Beauty industry who is under the shiny lights! Stage makeup is much different than every day makeup. Bare Minerals- only some, the minerals can have glitter in some of the bases and cause reflection while on stage. Make certain when you are on stage you have some sort of body lotion that is tinted. With the bright lights hitting you, the last thing you want is to look washed out or not have glowing skin.

It supports binding toxic nutrients, making them insoluble, so they can be more eliminated easily. Green Clay. High concentrations of vegetable materials and volcanic matter give this clay its rich mineral content and green colouring. It is the best clay for medicinal purposes, but I find it excellent for some aesthetic purposes also.

It is fairly slight and can be used successfully for some skin types. However, its green color isn’t appropriate for some body powders. Red Clay. Abundant with iron, red clay sports activities a rusty color. It is very drying and drawing and is used in medicinal preparations for poison oak/ivy primarily, rashes, and wounds.

Red clay is also useful in pores and skin preparations for oily skin, acne, or other problem epidermis. White Clay. This is the most versatile of most clays and the one used frequently in makeup products. Because it’s milder and less drying than other clays, white clay is utilized in pores and skin masks, body packages, powders, and bath salts.

The white clay generally used in cosmetics is called kaolin. It is available in natural foods stores but can also be purchased at a lower price in ceramic source stores. What it is: Cocoa butter is the fat surrounding the cacao bean. No wonder it smells heavenly! In fact, everything that’s created from it gets the possibility of smelling like chocolate milk if you aren’t careful in the formulation.

What it does: A dense, solid essential oil, cocoa butter is one of the richest oils available. Use in formulas designed for greasy epidermis sparingly! On the other hand, cocoa butter is great for dry, mature skin. Along using its emollient properties, it will help thicken body maintenance systems. If you get small, tapioca-like kernels in your cream, this can be an indication that you’ve added too much cocoa butter to your base. Availability: Cocoa butter is situated in most natural foods stores, some pharmacies and mail-order catalogs. What it is: That is probably the most used essential oil for aesthetic purposes.

Long treasured for its protecting emollient properties, coconut essential oil was valued by exotic island dwellers as a cosmetic aid. It had been liberally smeared on the body to safeguard against dryness and combed in to the hair to ensure healthy, shiny hair. What it does: Coconut oil is a wealthy emollient. Not as fatty or solid as cocoa butter, this essential oil is more suitable for most skin types. It is commonly used as a moisturizer for skin and hair.

Availability: Within easiest foods stores, natural herb stores, plus some pharmacies, coconut essential oil is available through mail-order catalogs also. The best source, though, is the neighborhood people who make it and sell it on the beaches of tropical islands. What it is: This fixed or liquid oil is one of the lightest and best oils available.

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What it does: Considered a “non-oily” oil, grapeseed oil is consumed by your skin and leaves no essential oil residue quickly. It’s ideal for blemished or oily skin, and specifically for teenage skin. Availability: Grapeseed oil is readily available in natural foods stores and some grocery stores. What it is: Lanolin is the protective oil on the wool of sheep. It helps keep carefully the sheep warm and makes their jackets relatively weather-resistant. What it can: This thick, viscous substance is the oil possib our very own skin oil, making it among the best moisturizers for humans.

Availability: Hydrolyzed lanolin, which is odorless but seriously processed and often laden with artificial chemicals, comes in pharmacies readily. Though it is a bit more difficult to use, I would recommend genuine or anhydrous lanolin always. Use only small amounts, or the sheep-like smell shall permeate all you make. Anhydrous lanolin comes in some pharmacies, as well as generally in most natural foods stores. What it is: You must be careful when purchasing rose water to buy only the 100 percent natural form.