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Today I’m going to talk about one of the most well-liked drugstore brand, Milani! I am hoping this comes in useful to anyone who’s been looking at purchasing these items! I absolutely LOVE the product, but my complexion doesn’t match with it. I’m a good skin tone with pink undertones. This product was designed for tanner pores and skin types with yellow undertones.

Because of this, when I tried it out, as much as I enjoyed the coverage and the formulation, I looked yellow. I own Shade 1, the lightest color possible, and it still makes my face look yellowish compared to my chest and neck of the guitar. For me, though, I would be rating this foundation about a 8/10, due mainly to the known fact that they only come in tones designed for tanned/darker skin shades.

  • Salad with your preferred vegetarian protein and *skin recovery dressing with brown rice
  • Potassium chloride
  • Su:m 37
  • 4 years back from Indonesia
  • Use an oil-free makeup primer to make your makeup last much longer

I used never to use blush. I am so happy that I purchased this! The shade was got by me Corallina, and I am to get Luminescence about. This blush doesn’t not go on thick, and it’s really very buildable. This works perfectly for me because I can make my natural color kind of blend in with the blush without my cheeks looking so dark. The product also stays on all day (given that you established it with a setting aerosol). I’ve never loved a blush a lot before I began using that one! It’s my first choice blush whenever I really do my makeup, and it had to disappoint me yet.

After my screening and review, the product rates a 10/10 for me personally and my needs. Onto the colour Declaration Lip Lipstick and liner. First, I will review the lip liner. I don’t think I’ve used a better one. I have a couple NYX lip liners that I do like, but they’re a little more drying, and it takes a whole lot of program to get color showing sometimes. The Milani lip liner was more moisturizing and just glided onto my lips like butter literally. I must say i need more of them! They make my lipstick and lip gloss color pop, on all day plus they stay.

You can even just wear them alone if you’d like! This product is a 10/10 right now in my books absolutely! It hasn’t failed me yet, and is the best lip liner so far! For the lipstick, it wasn’t the best, but it definitely wasn’t bad. It really is moisturizing, but it doesn’t appear to last too much time on that level. I’d be talking to someone), and my lip area would again start sense dried out. I would look in the mirror and start to see the color, however the dampness just goes and essentially makes the lipstick turn into a stain away. The colors are rich, which is good, and they apply evenly.

The product definitely made my lips look and feel great at first, I just wish it didn’t seem to dry over time. That one is certainly going down at a 7/10 for me personally. I became popular are definitely because of the drying, but that is clearly a personal preference of mine when it comes to my lip area.