New Title-Dr. BHB Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

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I feel like I have exhausted all attempts for a doctor to help me, and wish to listen to from someone that has experienced something similar possibly. I have lost 37 lbs since April unintentionally, and they have really started to freak me out. November with pain inside my higher left ribcage which I personally think is my spleen Everything started last.

About once I started to experience daily diarrhea. Between November and January I visited the doctor 3 times for the pain, each and every time being diagnosed with a kidney disease, although I was not experiencing those types of symptoms and all 3 UAs came back clean. Regardless I got the antibiotics, this day although I am still without comfort to.

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Fast ahead to April, I lost 23lbs in four weeks. Between that and the diarrhea, along with the pain I made a decision to see a GI doctor. A colonoscopy was experienced by me. All clear. Around that same time, I had a LOUD play my still left hearing. In the right time I thought that it was some how my ear canal drum.

Go to the doctor. He says my ear is fine but gave me antibiotics ” just in case”. 🙄 I had taken the antibiotics in any case, as I would do anything for comfort. They didn’t help. Returned, got more antibiotics for no reason. Took those. That still didn’t help. I went to go see an ENT. All he did was spend 3-5 minutes with me.

He only appeared in my ear canal and said it looked healthy. Fast forward to the month. I put the same pop sound in my own right ear. They both hurt like crazy Now. If I had to do you know what was wrong with them, it would be patulous eustachian tubes. I am unpleasant from my ears.

It is so terrible. Dr. Google says patulous tubes are triggered by unexpected weight loss. Is practical, but why am I loosing a lot weight. I could feel myself shrinking literally. ETA: not it matters, but i wasn’t incredibly overweight to start with. Yesterday at the physician I weighed 155 even I am 5ft9 and originally weighed 192.

Some of the is understandable; surgery in an exceedingly heavy female is more difficult and takes quite a little much longer than in a female of average size. Doctors want to avoid a crisis situation where every second counts to save a child, and especially so in a woman whose comprehensive adipose layers may necessitate more time to get to the baby in the first place. Therefore, doctors may become more susceptible to intervene early in women of size, before things get to a crisis situation.