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It statements to be the best makeup getting rid of wipes. No alcoholic beverages, no oil, no perfumes, no colour. I am sure they have this in 2 types quite, which another one is for sensitive skin. Saw this in Watson yesterday but didn’t get my hands onto it (what). 1 entire package which consists of 25 wipes, and they have offer for the next package deal at 50%. Not sure about the price elsewhere. Nevertheless, it’s still in my own June wishlist, I would want to check it out soon and execute a review. Among my favourite youtuber uploaded a picture of her employing this Essie nail polish. It looked soooooo good.

Oh dear, this color build got me in and has made me want to buy ever since. Oh yeah, I bought my nail polishes online at here. I’m an enormous sucker for coral blushes. It is like my most favourite colour build for my cheeks, so this definitely must be in my wishlist. Anyway, saw this at SASA for RM65.00. I grab this but the price step me of lol nearly. Not now, at least for any makeup. From a reserve to a movie. I never hesitate spending some penny on books, ya’ll.

Anathr. And “Who does more injustice that the one who says, I could uncover as Allah reveals”. Which is Anathr who said this. So when Uqbah was brought out to be executed he said “why me?” And Ali RA said “because of your animosity to Allah and his Messenger”. And in addition right when he was about to be wiped out, he begged for his life.

And he said “Oh Muhammad who will care for my children?” As well as the prophet PBUH provided a response “The Fire”. What do the prophet PBUH mean by this? 1. Don’t worry about your children you have to be concerned about the open fire. 2. If they follow your footsteps you will be joined by them in the fireplace. Also here he is grovelling for forgiveness but where was his own sympathy when the prophet PBUHs daughter needed to come running to take the intenstines off the back of the prophet PBUH while he is at sajadah. Where is his bravery now?

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Also, our religious beliefs shows harshness when it’s credited, and mercy when it is due. The prophet PBUH left from the planes of Badr on Monday 20th Ramadan. And the muslims were waiting to find out what happened patiently. As well as the rumours had come however they couldn’t firmly believe until Zaid ibn Harithah returned, the adopted ‘son’ of the prophet PBUH. As well as the prophet PBUH delivered him on is own camel Al Qaswa.

And the camel everyone recognised – and they all saw Zaid shouting “Allahu akbar” and he begins mentioning the brands of most those who had been killed. And its a summary of each and every famous person of the Quraysh. And even if you believe about it, its amazing. When the muslims noticed this they became happy.