Getting Your Moneys Worth HAVING A Laser Comb

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A web host of locks products claim to be safe and effective, but the new era of laser beam comb has been sold today and has been medically proven to halt hair thinning and re-grow hair. Today a large number of pharmacies and online stores are offering hair loss treatments, hair thinning products or hair thinning remedies, but which is right for you? Hair loss can occur without specific reason or time, or it could be due to a family trait, certain medications unexpected or used physical, anxious or chemical substance changes in the body.

More and more folks who suffer from thinning hair to complete baldness are trying to get honest information about the laser comb are lured to try one for themselves. Many people are reading articles about laser beam hair treatments and want for more information. Stationary laser beam technology (such as a laser seat) is being used in hair thinning salons and treatment centers, but annual treatment programs cost upwards of ten times the one-time purchase price of a quality laser comb. Going to a salon or medical clinic several times a week can be quite time consuming and cost a fortune in fuel as well.

The new home phototherapy or hand held laser beam comb has shown as effective and safe as the scientific phototherapy, and allows you to use the comb any right time, any place, in total privacy. Low level lasers have been used to treat hair loss since 1964, and now the laser comb comes after FDA guidelines for use in the U.S. Online websites have before and after pictures now, testimonies and a varied product selection, however the consumer must be diligent in choosing the company and the laser beam comb right for them.

A reputable manufacturer and dealer will be able to claim that their device promotes hair regrowth, stops hair thinning and rejuvenates hair for their extensive clinical studies completed with their laser device. Your laser beam comb should be easy to use, as being a regular brush or comb allowing the built-in low level lasers to excite your hair follicles by increasing blood flow.

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Generally, you need to use the laser comb for about 10 to 15 minutes, per week three times. You should choose a laser comb that gets the most lasers, making it simpler to cover the entire scalp. With light weight, cordless operation, now you can use the laser beam comb while you’re watching TV or moving about.

This increased comfort and ease has been shown to increase compliance with the treatment schedule for greater results. Its safe because it does not produce any high temperature that high level laser does (which is utilized in other medical treatments). Women and men who decide to choose laser comb should know how to get the most for his or her money. There are several shampoos on the marketplace that are publicized as hair thinning shampoo, and some say that hair regrowth is faster and healthier when only a certain quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are used.

Other companies tout their special shower filter systems as the only way to decrease hair loss. The only scientific strategy however, is the one that uses all of these synergistically. Minoxidil, the active component in Rogaine for women and men, has shown successful rate of 19% for moderate hair growth and 40% for minimal hair regrowth, according to their packaging for females.

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