Can Turtles Fly?

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Andrew Willis of THE WORLD & Mail picked an interesting survey from an analyst, dealing with the behavior of private/commercial pension programs and open public pension plans. Apparently the public pensions made a decision to take on higher risk as the private ones have shed risk. This article highlights that public pension plans tend to hold less riskier resources so the increase in risk-taking doesn’t necessarily mean they may be, all of a sudden, more dangerous than the private ones. All we realize is that they appear to increase their risk tolerance.

“Corporate money have traditionally spent much larger portions of their possessions in equities, while general public funds took a more conservative position with bigger allocations to set income,” clarifies Greenwich Associates consultant Dev Clifford. “As a result of their differing strategies in the wake of the problems, public pension money and corporate money are approaching parity in their U.S. Unfortunately this analyst report seems to rely on study responses than hard data rather.

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  • In your current position, what problems have you identified that had previously been forgotten
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In any case, given the huge rally in nearly all assets in the last year, I believe we can securely say the public pension funds profitted hansomely with their ‘golf swing for the fences’ technique. Nonetheless it remains to be observed if their strategy will continue steadily to pay back or if they’ll be trapped with big loss and illiquid property that are hard to market.

Q5: What’s your Technological Vision? CIOs today need to be technology visionary for IT transformation, as in the past and in the future, technology will quickly continue to change, and the swiftness of change is accelerating, so focused on three things. CHANGE IT as business partner: What’s your strategic eyesight for how IT will support the eyesight of our company.

The answer will show some extent of research about the company; provide an opportunity to discuss innovative ways to make IT a revenue middle. CIO is employed to enable the core eyesight of the employing company. Insight upon digital technology and technique such as SMAC: What’re potential CIO’s eyesight upon growing digital technologies, and exactly how could apply them to accomplish business goals effectively?

SWOT Analysis: Based on evaluation, identify technology solutions/ improvement opportunity so that cost effective is provided to customers. Q6: What’s your management style, and how would you do to move IT corporation forwards? How do you want to make senior management alert to IT need in the business and how do you want to make IT resources become more alert to business drivers? Or how would you switch things from a cost center to a income center?

This question says, will this person fit the ethnic of the business and can the business is lead by them successfully. Management Philosophy/Technique: Ask if they favor internal control or outsourcing IT related tasks and service coverage; or cloud / SaaS /PaaS services. There are various factors help decide which strategy to use here.