Business Admin NVQ Level 2: NVQ Business Admin Optional Unit

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And securing Friends for Comedy Central has also been a coup, boosting viewers by 43% and providing a platform for shows such as Threesome, the route’s first scripted humor. Lynn’s strategy now is to bolster spend on the implies that he sees as the heart of the channels. yr and our ambition is to grow on that “We’ve acquired a fantastic,” he says.

But rather than simply see domestic gains, Lynn has his eyes fixed strongly on taking a global distribution network at his removal, presiding over content that he can internationally air. In turn, this will enable increased spend. “THE UNITED KINGDOM is well situated as a location to invest in more international content,” he says.

House of Anubis, a live action Nickelodeon show, produced by Lime Pictures for both the UK and US marketplaces, is raised as a perfect example of this method. And the UK base homes MTV’s international vice-president of content and programming David Booth also, who is on the lookout for formats with international potential.

Equally, MTV shall continue steadily to borrow from the US to attempt to ensure forms it launches be successful, much like Geordie Shore’s inheritance from long-running fact show Jersey Shore. While audiences are demonstrating to be relatively solid, the advertising market is less stable. Forecasts are for the short term down, 12 months with a question tag against investment from brands next, but Lynn says anecdotally press buyers are more positive.

One way in which the turbulence in the advertising market is being addressed is to guarantee the business is diversifying its revenue channels. Consumer products, licensing and merchandise mainly, is definitely a vital part of Nickelodeon’s bottom line and will continue being exploited. Live events are an important area of development for MTV and earlier this summer the broadcaster managed a series of club evenings in Ibiza that acted both as marketing tools and profit generators.

The week following our interview, we meet at the MTV EMA awards again, kept in Belfast and seen in 640 million homes in 159 countries. The volume of viewers, and power of support from guests including Female Justin and Gaga Bieber, underlines the billed power the brand is constantly on the wield 30 years after its start.

And the MTV OD service, with a day or weekly subscription that provides usage of long-form content, has “performed well” since its launch earlier this season, Lynn says. But there are no short-term plans to extend it to the other stations. He considers it to be a “complementary” rather than “cannibalising” service to its linear TV business.